Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Measuring Candy Bars

I'm always looking for fun ways for my students to practice their math skills.
I found the idea here whattheteacherwants 
and made a few changes to update it for my grade level.
 I also sent home a note with my students 
asking them to bring in their favorite candy bar to use for math.  
They had a week to bring in their candy bar.

We did one together using my document camera to show them
exactly how I expected their paper to be filled out.
We reviewed measuring correctly with a ruler and adding labels.

They started with their own candy bar and then traded around
so they had all six sections filled out on their form.
We wrote names on candy bars with Sharpies so that there wasn't any confusion.
 I asked them to do each candy bar tracing in a different colored pencil.
This helped them to keep everything straight.
 Everyone is on task and engaged in our activity!
It's the end of the school year so that is a big accomplishment.
 Yay for making math fun for your students!!

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