Sunday, May 20, 2012

Eat Well Everyday

Work and life have been really busy lately so
I haven't been cooking as much as usual.
Once school is out, I'll be cooking a lot more!!
1. Fruit for snacks instead of chips or junk
 2.  Newest, favorite cereal
 3. Sweet potatoes as much as possible
 4. I've been trying a variety of whole grain pasta
and LIKING them!
 5. Dark chocolate
 GIANT chips
 Dark chocolate on the left and a regular Toll House chip on the right.
They are huge folks!
 6. My latest, favorite treat.
7. Jif Extra Crunchy PB and apple slices
*I'm not usually a Jif fan or a crunchy PB fan but I LOVE this!
It'll be easier to eat healthy now that the stores are bursting with produce!


  1. Yummy snack ideas!!

    Mini Wheats are my favorite.

  2. Thanks Jena :) I'm working on adding healthier snacking to my agenda each day!


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