Saturday, May 26, 2012

Baby Shower Invitations

My brother and SIL in having a baby girl in July.

My mom, sister and I are hosting a shower for her TODAY!
We all took on certain jobs to make it all work
and my jobs were things that could be done from 1,500 miles away.

My first job was to take care of the invitations.
My brother and SIL chose the bedding for little Eleanor
and thus our theme for the shower was born.

I searched etsy first because I love supporting small businesses
and there are some amazing things to be bought!

This is the seller/design that I went with
I'd highly recommend you purchasing from this store
because she responds to e-mails right away, she had my entire order done in 48 hours,
I was thrilled with how easy they were to print and the vibrant colors,
she had 4x6 or 5x7 size options for the invitations,
it cost $13 for her to personalize it, e-mail it and then I made the prints.
 I personalized it to match our event and got several compliments on it.
I uploaded the image to Snapfish, printed them to Wal-Mart,
picked them up, *went back, picked them up again, 
and paid a very affordable $0.19 per invitation.

*I approved the set of invitations when I picked them up by looking at the top copy.
When I got them home, all of the ones underneath were smeary
and had ink smudged on the front and back.
So I went back to Wal-Mart and said they needed to reprint them for me.
They did without any argument and I was very pleased.
Lesson learned: Look through the whole stack before approving next time.

I also did some research and found out that Wal-Mart sells
invitations envelopes for 4x6 prints for $4.99/box.

I used my address stamp and used a coordinating ink color.
I addressed them with a bright pink marker
in an oversized, handwritten font.

Instead of RSVP, I opted for Regrets only.
I only heard from a few people so I'm hoping our count is close to accurate.

My mom and sis get the majority of the credit for this event
because they were the ones who made it happen!!
Tune back in for the next few days to see more about this event.

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