Friday, June 1, 2012

Wrapping up the School Year

The end of the school year is a fun time.
My students are excited for summer 
so I have to plan great things to keep them excited about school.

We earn class money for the entire month of May to spend at an
 Open for business!
 Many of the sundaes looked like this mish mash of flavors and toppings.
 In order to pull this party off, I ask for several students to bring in donations.
I make lots of copies of this handout and then assign toppings, 
ice cream and all other supplies.
You could easily adapt this party from the classroom to your
neighborhood gatherings, family parties, socials and events with friends this summer.
Everyone really enjoyed contributing to the party.

 We have a GAME PARTY.
The kids love it and it's easy.
I tell the kids to bring in their favorite board/card game to play with their friends.
Then I give them time to play.
They were in heaven.

 I write letters to each family to put with their report cards.
I start off with a form letter and then leave the bottom to be personalized.

I also let the kids have a dance party that was h.i.l.a.r.i.o.u.s. to watch.
We had field day hosted by the PTA.
We do lots of cleaning (2nd & 3rd graders are so eager to help out!)
and closing up shop for the year.
My room is all packed up and stacked up.
We have an awards assembly and pass out yearbooks.

Today's the last day of school.
It's hard to believe that I'm wrapping up my 8th year of teaching!

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  1. Woo Hoo! You are an AMAZING teacher! Just wish you were Delaynee's teacher! Any chance of moving? We are soo excited to see your parents again and have you make us a lovingly prepared anniversary dinner. What fun to be able to celebrate our 20th with our bestest friends! See you all soon!


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