Friday, May 31, 2013

Hooray for Friday!

The best parts of my week were:

1. Having a long, Memorial Day weekend.  We got to have dinner with friends, see a movie, sleep in and just relax.  Plus I made a delicious pie!

 2. Finishing touches are coming together on the baby to do list.
My cats are being really "helpful" with this process.

3. I had a coupon to try these ice cream candy bars.
I was skeptical but they are tasty and pretty low calorie.

4. Hitting my 39 week milestone :)  One week until my due date.

5. I got the all clear on being induced by my doctor this Wednesday!!

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Who does she look like??

Does Olive look like her mom, 
her dad or both??

Baby Olive is here!!

Our world was forever changed today.  It's still sinking in that we are parents to this darling little girl!  Olive Kate 7lbs 11oz  and 20 inches long.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'll miss this about pregnancy...

I have enjoyed being pregnant and it's gone by really quickly.  Although, somehow I always thought pregnancy was 9 months long but in reality it's a whopping 10!  I feel like someone duped me.  I'm thankful that I'm not an elephant because they are pregnant for about 22 months.  I've got the finish line in sight but there are a few things that I'll miss about pregnancy...
-smiles from strangers
-people being very friendly & chatty
-being waited on by everyone
-getting to choose dinner, snacks, evenings plans all because my husband will say, 
"You're the prego one!"
 -feeling Olive move and wiggle around
-everyone checking in on me to see if I'm doing/feeling okay
-good hair
-faster than usual nail growth

I figured my list wouldn't be complete without adding a few things that I was looking forward to saying good riddance to:
-heart burn
-being starving all.the.time.
-needing to pee all the time
-kankles & swollen hands

What Whitney Wore

Hello 39th week of pregnancy.  One of my 3rd graders asked me why I've been wearing my belts so much higher lately... I had to explain that my belts don't really fit around my waist anymore.  She just laughed and told me that one day they would.  Ha!  I hope she's right :)

Here are the looks that I put together for my bump this week:

1. Running Errands
top & skinnies - Motherhood
scarf - Old Navy
fuscia flats - Target

2. Teaching
top & skinnies - Motherhood
flats - Wal-mart
belt, purse & scarf - TJ Maxx

 3. Church & Dinner 
top & skinnies - Motherhood
flower - JC Penneys
flats - Wal-Mart

My neighbor cat likes to supervise my ootd photo shoots :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Colorful Eating

I always get excited to start making salads once summer hits.
While it's not technically summer just yet, it's close enough for me!
We've been grilling, eating corn on the cob, BLT's and salads.

Here are a few of our colorful meals:

Tune back in later this week for the recipe to this salad.
It was pretty and delicious.

I can't wait to try out some new salad combos all season long.  I promise to share my favorites with you!  I'd love to know your favorites - leave me a link in the comments so I can give them a try :)  Thanks!!

Pizza Pinwheels

I recently made
for dinner and we LOVED them!

They were easy to put together and a fun twist on pizza.

You'll need:
4-5 T Ranch dressing
Mozzerella Cheese
turkey pepperoni - I found MINI ones and they were perfect!
(I've also cut up regular sized  turkey pepperoni and that worked fine too)
season salt
your favorite pizza sauce
chopped green onions

 Make your favorite pizza crust or use store bought crust.
Bake at 400 for 18-22 minutes.
Roll out the crust.
Spread the ranch dressing
(My hubby HATES Ranch and he couldn't even taste it :)
Add 1/2 the bag of cheese and all the pepperoni, green onions & salt.
Roll up like you would do for cinnamon rolls.
Cut into 10-12 pinwheels.
Make sure to cut them all the same size so that they bake evenly.
Spread out pinwheels in a rectangle on a baking sheet leaving room for each to expand 
and then sprinkle remaining cheese on top of all the pinwheels. 
Bake in a preheated oven for at least 18 minutes.

While the pinwheels are baking, heat the pizza sauce on the stove.
Once they have cooled for a few minutes, pull apart and eat!
I'm slightly obsessed with these mini pepperonis 
and am anxious to cook with them again SOON!
 My hubby coated his in sauce and I preferred to dip mine in the sauce.
Individual sized veggie trays were the perfect side.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Mountainy Monday

I'm feeling kind of sentimental and feel like my Mountainy Mondays are too quickly coming to a close.  We leave Utah the first week of July so I'm going to take as many mountainy pictures as I can these next few weeks.  Be prepared.
Hope you have a great week.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Baby To Do List is Dwindling

My Current Baby To Do List
Here's the most up-to-date version of my baby to do list.

1. Assemble/set up baby bassinet
2. Install car seat
3. Wash all of our newborn clothes in DREFT
4. Schedule newborn pictures
5. Finish packing our hospital bags
6. Get caught up on laundry
7. Rearrange our bedroom to make room for Olive
(we aren't setting up her nursery now because we are moving at the beginning of July)
8. Get video camera charged and practice using it
9. Work on plans and things at school for when I have a sub - I have 25 little people who need some consistency in their lives while I'm busy having a baby so I'm trying to make their transition as easy as possible.
10. Clean the whole house
11. Make some phone calls to catch up with friends
12. Squeeze in a few fun things in during the next few weeks - Kevin and I enjoyed making a list of things we're hoping to get to do.
13. Get caught up on baby thank you notes
14. Go to several doctor appointments
15. Switch my closet to Spring - I share a closet with my hubby and only keep out clothes for the current season.
16. Get a haircut
17. Finish returning/exchanging all duplicate baby items
18. Get a pedicure
19. Put together rock and play sleeper
20. Reorganize baby gifts and put into containers
21. Find a pediatrician and get things set up for Olive's first appointment
22. Super clean the place
23. Clean out the fridge/freezer and clean out the pantry

Topher is pleased with our progress :)
I'm sure that I could think of a few more things to add but this is it for now.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pregnancy Weeks 35-38

A little update to my pregnancy timeline...

Week 35: Baby girl is the size of a coconut: April 29
-I had a baby shower with my class and an open house with former students.
-We attended lots of graduation activities and saw lots of friends who were in town.
-I'm working 3 days a week instead of 5 so I can go to appointments.
-I'm having a hard time catching my breath - my inhaler is helping but I get winded without any real exertion.
-Olive had hiccups for the first time this week.
-I'm starving all the time so baby must be growing.
-I've been eating lots of ice chips.

Week 36: Baby girl is the size of a honeydew: May 6
-We had a busy week of school activities during the day and after school.
-I attended a goodbye open house and our end of the year luncheon.
-I celebrated my first Mother's Day.
-I have twice a week NST's (Non Stress Tests) and Olive was snoozing for it.  They monitor her to make sure that she's doing okay since my blood pressure is high.  They had to zap my belly to wake her up.  She wasn't too thrilled and started kicking up a storm.
-My kankles are pretty constant and aren't seeming to go away.
-The doctor checked to see if I was getting closer to being ready to have Olive - not dilated yet she says.
-It's getting harder to bend over and pick up things.  I got winded lacing up my tennis shoes.
-My arms and legs are falling asleep more often.

Week 37: Baby girl is the size of a stalk of swiss chard: May 13
-I only worked 2 days this week which is good because I have been extra tired.
-It seems to be getting harder to get comfortable and sleep all night.
-My hands are getting swollen; I tried to put on a bracelet and it wouldn't go over my knuckles.  I'm also more clumsy with everything.
-I had several lunch/breakfast dates with Kevin this week.
-I started having some contractions this week.
-We started walking more in the evenings with the weather getting nicer.
-A stranger told me that I was a cute pregnant lady which made me feel good because I've been feeling not so cute lately.
-Olive played with us one night.  Kevin pushed on my stomach and she would kick back.
-My blood pressure was high and there were talks of bed rest.
-I'm always hot and my husband has started wearing a jacket in the house.  He even added an extra blanket to his side of the bed to stay warm.  The AC is running a lot these days.  Thankfully, I'm not going to be pregnant through the summer.
-Kevin installed the car seat this week.
-Craving ice cream.

Week 38: Baby is the size of a pumpkin: May 20
-I went to my last book club of the year.
-My wedding ring is getting tight but still fits.
-I'm sad and excited that I wrapped up my last week of working before Olive arrives.
-We are finishing up all of our last minute to do items for baby.
-I'm down to just a few pairs of shoes that still fit my "jumbones" of feet.
-I had a stranger come up to me and ask if I was having a girl because I "looked like I was."  Yep, her guess was correct.
-I've outgrown several maternity items.
-Bending over is quite an event.  Putting on pants, leggings and shoes makes me break out into a sweat.  One of my students said their mom told them to pick up things for me because I coulee have my baby at ANY time!

Can't wait to meet Olive any day now!!