Friday, June 29, 2012

Perfume of Choice

PINK perfume
Smells heavenly.
I've been wearing this perfume for 10+ years.
I l.o.v.e. it.
It's affordable, smells great and you have lots of options.

 2. Body spray and 3. Lotion

 I'm kind of picky about scents...
I don't want everyone and their mom to smell my perfume across the room
but I want one that lasts for a long time.
Pink fits the bill.
Go and get yourself some today!

Owl Surprise

Dearest Kevin,

Thank you for surprising me with this fun owl ring this week!
I thought the package was for you.
I know we looked at similar ones in Jackson
and I thought I'd convinced you that I really didn't need one.
Thanks for deciding that I had to have it.
I'm impressed that you remembered my ring size
and that you knew I'd really love this vintage one from an estate sale.
It's perfect.
You know me so well!
Love, Whitney

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heading to the Beach this Summer??

We make it to a beach at least once a year.

It's important to be prepared to fully enjoy yourself.
This is what my beach bag contains 
and it takes care of myself and my husband.

1. Tissues because you never know when you might have a sneeze-a-thon or get a little salt water in the eye.
2. Slip on sandals - the sand is HOT!
3. Several sunglasses options
4. Water bottle because you will get thirsty. I usually fill it full of ice so it's good and cold for several hours.
5. Spray on sunscreen.  Apply before heading to the beach but you'll want to reapply throughout the day.
6. Tote bag - preferably personalized :)
7. Candy treats that won't melt.
8. Breath mints in case you get a mouth full of salt water ick.
9. A small mirror - I wear contacts and sometimes have issues on the beach.
10. Lip gloss, chapstick and or lipstick.  My lips dry out with all the salty air so I want to be prepared.
11. A few Ziplock bags.  
I like to keep my phone and camera in them just in case my bag were to get wet.  I also like to collect shells.
12. Camera - never go to the beach without one.
13. My iPhone which takes care of my phone and my music.
14. Wet wipes. We usually get lunch on or near the beach so it's good to have something to wash off your hands with.
15. Notepads & a journal because you never know when you'll need to make a list or write down something important!
16. Reading material and lots of it.  Books and magazines are my favorites.

 One final tip:
Regardless of how cute your cat is and how well he matches your beach gear,
be sure to leave him home with the kitty sitter.
Sorry Topher, it's for your own good.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday

Another great week of Summer
and it was HOT in Utah!
I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy for

Here are the outfits that I put together:
1. Running Errands
Top - GAP
Scarf - gifted
Strawberry earrings - Polka-Dotty Place Etsy Shop
Sandals - SaltWater Sandals

 2. Going on a Date
Striped dress - Sears
Yellow scarf - Marshalls
Jean jacket - GAP
Gold boat shoes - Sperry
Navy polywog earrings - Vintage my mom 
Sunnies - Ralph Lauren (New from TJ Maxx)

Thanks for stopping by!  :) Whitney

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Welcome to My Home

I've been working hard to tidy up and decorate my house.
It's been a little while coming but I'm happy with how things are looking
so I thought I'd take you on a little tour!

 The sofa table greets you when you walk in the door.
 Hello family room.
I'm ready for July 4th

 Shelves full of cookbooks.
 Kitchen table looking all summery.
 I framed one of my favorite pictures from last July 4th since it matched my decor.
It makes me SO happy to see it.
 Bookshelves full of Kevin's scholarly books.
He really hates that I organized them by color but I'm a big fan!

Hello Bedroom.
 Spread of accessories


Here's my short list of things of projects that I'd still like to do:
1. Paint my coffee table
2. Find a new TV stand
3. Make or find some fun curtains for the kitchen
4. Assemble a collage of fun things to hang above the loveseat
5. Make a wreath for the front door

Thanks for taking a look at my home sweet home.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dinner Menu Options

I enjoy cooking.

I don't enjoy thinking up a dinner menu every night.
So I spend a few times each month coming up with dinner options for at least a week.
I've written my menu on a dry erase board or listed it out on the fridge before
but haven't loved either method.
This is my latest favorite method.
Write one dinner per post it note.
Then throw the post it note away when we have had the dinner.
It's great because my husband can see the options 
and I don't have to think it up each night.

You could easily put this in a pantry or on the inside of a cabinet door.
Mine is most convenient on my fridge.
*Update: I actually didn't love looking at it on my fridge so I moved it to
the inside of a handy kitchen cabinet.

Eat Well Everyday

Here are my latest, healthy meals and snacks.
I love how colorful my plates are in the summer.
1. PB&J toast
 2. Berry/Poppy seed Spinach Salad
w/shredded chicken
without chicken
 3. Grilled chicken salad
(Mix of greens, your favorite chopped veggie, cheese,
vinaigrette and slices of grilled chicken)
 4. Fresh corn on the cob
 5. Fresh Fruit
 6. Grilled Chicken & Peach Salad
(Mixed greens, sliced/grilled peaches, grilled purple onions,
strips of grilled chicken & poppy seed dressing)

Having the option of grilling and lots of yummy produce makes it easier to eat well!