Thursday, May 24, 2012

Post Office Week

It is a tradition at my school for us to participate in
Kids are encouraged to write letters to other students,
parents, grandparents and other family members
are encouraged to write to children.

Then the PTA and student council collect,
sort and deliver mail to our classroom each day.
The PTA also ensures that everyone gets at least one item in the mail each day.
They have the mayor, our principal, room moms, teachers, 
and the Utah Jazz mascot write to the kids.
The kids love it 
and it's a fun way to promote writing at the end of the school year.
We spend a whole week writing letters and waiting for letters in response.
My back table is our stationery center.
As you can see, writing is messy!

My family/friends are kind enough to write to my class.
Here are some of the fun things that we got this year:
 1. Kazoos & a letter from a doggie friend
 2. More mail from the Hoosier state...
 My mom thought my 2nd & 3rd graders would enjoy seeing 
ME as a 2nd and 3rd grader along with some fun treats.
 I started accessorizing when I was young!
 3. Sheriff badges from my Dad
 4. Beanie Babies and a letter from my Sis.
Thanks to everyone for making our Post Office week a success.
It usually happens in May so mark your calendars for next year.

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