Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweeny School Day

Halloween is a B.I.G. deal at my school.
The parents plan the festivities and I just sit back and enjoy.

Here is a little recap of our day today:
 1. Make your own spider & Halloween bookmark
 2. Fun catch the ghost game:
Each child made a ghost & put it on a string.
They had to put it in the circle
and if their number was called they had to pull their ghost out.
One student was the ghost hunter and had to try to catch the ghost before it got away.
They paid one penny to the hunter if they got caught.
The winner had the most coins at the end.
 3. Hanging donuts: eat it without using your hands.
The first one done is the winner.
 4. Halloween Ski ball
Each bucket had a point value and they had 6 ping pong balls to toss.
The winner had the most points.
 5. Halloween treat bags for each child.
 6. Witch's Brew made by this cute couple.
The dad read the spooky recipe and got really into it.
The mom put in all the creepy ingredients.
The kids loved it!
 Everything is better with dry ice. :)
 7. S.U.G.A.R.
 8. Bingo & outfit #2 for me
 9. Cute labels on the favors.
 10. A few of my very enthusiastic teacher friends!
 PS My kids LOVED my costume. :)

Happy Halloween

A few of my favorite boys wanted to wish you a 
Happy Halloween!
 Love, Whitney, Kevin, Oliver & Topher

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pastry Chef

I mentioned my costume dilemma here a few days ago 
and I'm thrilled to say that my costume is done!

I decided to be a PASTRY CHEF this year!
I got fabric, spent some time cutting out lots of circles, and
hot glued my fingers them together to get these tasty treats!
I'm kind of famous for making chocolate chip cookies for my students
so I think they are going to LOVE my costume.

I'm hoping my vision of my dress looking like a cookie sheet comes through...
 Wish I could go trick-or-treating with Chef Hayden & Cupcake Allie since we all go together :)

Witch's Brew Recipes

Have you ever made witch's brew?
 We were learning about adjectives this week 
and wrote some disgusting recipes for Witch's Brew.
My students did illustrations of their cauldrons in crayon. 

Smores in a Jar

I received Smores in a Jar from one of my students recently.
Isn't it adorable?
 Instructions printed on a cute tag

The lid:
 I'm looking forward to giving trying it out!
My thoughts:
The inside had brown sugar & graham cracker crumbs in it.
I don't care for peeps but they were adorable.
Pretty yummy treat.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Take Out

 This take out box showed up on my desk this week.
 Filled with all kinds of spooky treats!

Animals in Disguise

 A few years ago my mom & sister sent me these funny pictures of 
their pets all decked out for Halloween.
It's a tradition for me to have my students write caption bubbles 
for what the animals are thinking.
My students had a blast doing this!

Spooky Food Boxes

 I gave my students an assignment to create their own spooky food box.
A teacher friend shared this idea with me several years ago.
Here are the creative, disgusting things they came up with.

I had them pretend to be food critics and write a review of their item the following day.