Friday, March 30, 2018

Spring Break Highlights

We've had a nice staycation Spring Break!  We went on a little road trip for Fletcher's birthday and then the rest of the week we stuck close to home.  Lots of sleeping in, hanging out in our pjs, doing whatever we want and just enjoying the week together.  We got a TON of rain so most of our plans happened indoors.  Fletcher turned 2 and loved all of the birthday attention.  It was fun!

Fresh Flowers.
Our tulips outside have yet to bloom, but we enjoyed this beautiful bouquet all week long.

Between my cats and my kids... this is why I don't have fresh flowers on the regular.  I walked into the kitchen to find Fletch slurping and sniffing my tulips.  I had this tune stuck in my head all week: This is why we can't have nice things, darling. Because you break them.  I had to take them away.

Does anyone still do chalk art??  Seems like letter boards have taken over the world.  I love letter boards, but still enjoy writing my monthly chalkboards.  Here's my Easter board.

Blue Bell Ice Cream has arrived in Indiana!!!
This has always been our go to beach treat when we head South every summer.  I am so excited to get this treat year round.  It was on super sale at Meijer this week so I currently have Cookies & Cream, The Great Divide and Banana Pudding in my freezer.  What's your favorite BB flavor??

Easter Egg Plates.
I just love these melamine plates from TJ Maxx.  I have two sets and we've all enjoyed eating off of them.  They're pretty and indestructible which works well for meals with kids.

Egg Carton Lunches.
We've enjoyed Easter lunches all week.  Super easy with just a few Easter touches.

Mama & Me.
We were at TJ Maxx recently and I was going to try on this pretty dress.  Olive requested to join me with a pretty dress of her own.  She's growing up and so much fun.  Sadly, neither dress worked out for us.  She also asked me what BFF means.  I told her best friends forever.  Her eyes lit up and she said, "Will you be my BFF?"  You bet!!

Fireman Fletcher.
We had the best time planning fireman birthday parties for Fletcher.

Fletcher turned 2 yesterday.
We had a great day despite it raining ALL day long.  We did his favorite things - played with his new toys, went to the children's museum, ate his favorite foods and had a great day.  We had planned to go out for mexican, but ended up making a yummy mexican dinner at home.

Last night rocking a one year old Fletcher to sleep.

He loved all of his gifts.

TWO of everything lunch.

Two cupcakes!  They turned out so cute... unlike my dinner.  I tried to recreate a favorite Mexican dish and it didn't turn out.  Win some.  Lose some.

He smiled all day long.  Excited to see what the coming year has in store for him!

New Book.
I Prayed For You by Jean Fischer.  I got this sweet book for my kids recently and I love the message that your mom is always praying for you.  This book would be perfect to give someone who's just had a baby, adopting, struggling with a journey of infertility or adding to their families.  I love the way the book is organized with text directed towards the child and then a prayer on each page.  The book gives you lots to discuss with your children and is very encouraging.  The illustrations are precious.  My kids loved this book and smiled throughout knowing all the different ways their mom is praying for them each day.  The story starts out with a new baby bear and finishes with the bear heading off to school and playing sports.  The book would be perfect for kids ages 0-10.
I was gifted this book from BookLook in exchange for an honest review of it.

In case you missed it on PDP...

Monday: Everything Easter
Tuesday: Fireman Fletcher Turns 2
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Thursday: Two Cute!

Hope you have the best Easter weekend!!
We are looking forward to a bunny brunch and Easter at home.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Two Cute!

Happy Birthday Fletcher!!  It's hard to believe that you're already two.

I feel like I was just sharing your birth story.  So much has happened in these two years - we bought a house, renovated it and moved in.  We live in the same city you were born in which feels like a big accomplishment after so many moves.  You're walking, talking, running and keeping us on our toes.  You've had your first ER visit and gone on many fun trips.  You are so busy.  Everywhere we go people comment on how active and strong you are.

Fun Fletcher Facts:

1. You started out as a terrible sleeper thanks to reflux.  Then you learned to sleep GREAT.  Currently, you are a terrible sleeper thanks to your 2 yr old molars.  You also don't sleep well when we're out of town.

2. You are talking a ton and want to do everything yourself.  You're saying sentences.  You're learning to be bossy and people always chuckle at your deep voice.

3. You are so rough and tough.  You're always tackling, smacking, throwing, jumping, climbing, etc.  We're constantly reminding you to be gentle.

4. You love everything with wheels.  Firetrucks are your favorite, but you pay close attention to police cars, school buses, trains, construction sites and airplanes.

5. You still take a 2 hour afternoon nap every day.

6. You love your sister so much.  You wake up asking for sissy, you cry I GO TOO when we drop her off at school and you want to do everything she's doing.

7. You're outgrowing 3T clothes and moving into 4T.  Not sure your official stats until your well check, but my guess is that you're still topping the charts.

8. You love your puppy, swaddle blanket nigh nights and pillow.

9.  You're kind - if your sister gets put in time out, you happily join her to keep her company.  Then you'll come and apologize for her.

10. You are so messy, but don't like to have your hands be dirty.  You are covered with food after every meal.  You need a bath after playing outside.  Art projects always take a messy turn.  You get outfit changes regularly.

Two Things We LOVE About You!

1. You are so friendly, smiley and love to interact with others as long as I'm nearby.
2. You're a baby foodie and love to eat.

1. Fletcher always gives me a hug when I leave for work and when I get home.
2. His sweet voice.

1. I love that he's talking more and I can teach him new words.
2. I love playing cars with him.  I actually love playing everything with him.

Happy Birthday, Fletch!!  Can't wait to do all of your favorite things today.

NEWBORN Fletcher:

ONE year old Fletcher:

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Firetrucks, Puppies and Presents

Fletcher loves all cars, but firetrucks are his #1 favorite.  This fact made it very easy for me to decide on a theme for his 2nd birthday.  I went with red, black and gold colors and add in all the firetruck toys he has.  He was thrilled.

We celebrated with my family on Sunday with a build your own sandwich buffet.

We gave out puppy party favors and fireman hats to the kids.  They loved them!  All link all of the party supplies at the end of the post in case something catches your eye.

I always make the kid's invitations to mail out.  I try to use a picture of them and make the actual invitation using picmonkey.  I print at Sams.  It's really affordable and you get envelopes for free.  I do the same invitation for both parties.  I just edit the time/date/location.  Super easy!  I loved how these turned out!

Fletcher was thrilled for another day of partying.

Fireman themed foods:

My SIL made the prettiest veggie tray.  Fletcher was eating her ranch dip by the spoonfuls!

These two cute cousins are BOTH TWO right now!  Think they look a little bit alike??

My parents just remodeled their kitchen and also recently went to Waco, TX to visit Magnolia Farms.  I'll have to see if they'll give you a little tour sometime and answer some questions about going to Magnolia!

Cute cousins!

Fletcher's birthday book was this cute fire truck book.  Everyone signed the back and I traced his hand to document life at age 2.  The story is cute and the book is very interactive.

Fletcher was excited to open gifts.  When you're the baby of nine cousins you have a little bit of help in the present opening department :)

My brother gifted Fletcher his giant firetruck toy from when he was little.  It's the cutest metal firetruck and Fletcher is obsessed.  Uncle Ty Ty is a pretty good guy.  Although Olive keeps telling him to trim his beard and mistakes all bald headed/bearded guys we see for him :)

Adopting Puppies!  Most everyone was happy except for one big sister.  She had her heart set on a certain puppy and they were all scooped up by the time the basket got to her.  Thankfully she has a SUPER sweet big cousin that was happy to switch Olive puppies.  Smiles came a few minutes later.

 My kids always love my parent's porch swing.

Fletcher's actual birthday is Thursday.  We've got a low key day planned with all of his favorite things.  I'm sure there will be firetrucks involved and he's spending the week playing with all of his favorite toys.

Party supply details:

Straws, ribbon leashes for dogs & plaid napkins - Dollar Tree
Polka-dot plates & striped napkins - Meijer

Fire hat party favors -->
Firefighter Chief Hat Plastic Child (Set of 24)

Puppy party favors -->
Dog Assortment - 12 per pack

Firetruck to the Rescue book -->
Push-Pull-Turn! Fire Truck to the Rescue!

DINOSAUR 1st Birthday Party

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