Monday, April 29, 2013

Things I'm Hoping to Get DONE Soon...

I'm hoping to get the following things done (with Kevin's help :)

1. Assemble baby bassinet
2. Install car seat
3. Wash all of our newborn clothes in DREFT
4. Schedule newborn pictures
5. Finish packing our hospital bags
6. Get caught up on laundry
7. Rearrange our bedroom to make room for Olive
(we aren't setting up her nursery now because we are moving at the beginning of July)
8. Get video camera charged and practice using it
9. Work on a  million and a half things for school - I have 25 little people who need some consistency in their lives while I'm busy having a baby so I'm trying to make their transition as easy as possible.
10. Clean the whole house
11. Make some phone calls to catch up with friends
12. Squeeze in a few fun things in during the next few weeks

Mountainy Monday

 Happy Monday to you!
 Hope you have a great week.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Don't Ask Me...

People say the most interesting things to pregnant ladies...
and by interesting I mean
and awkward.

Here are some examples:
1. So when your baby arrives, are you going to get rid of your cats?
This annoys me on many levels, but what kind of pet owner would I be if I shipped off my furry babies when my baby girl arrives??  I don't think I could live with myself if that were to happen.

2. How much weight have you gained?
 I honestly haven't kept super close track of this and, even if I did, I never broadcast my weight pregnant or not.  I'm trying hard not to eat everything in sight and to eat healthy so that's all that really matters.  Baby is growing, she's happy and healthy and so am I.

3. Do you have a cold? or Are you sick?
 I have pretty severe allergies (grass, pollen, animal hair, mold, dust, etc etc).  Allegra D and I used to be BFFs along with a concoction of nose sprays.  I have had to make some medicinal changes since getting pregnant which result in a perma-stuffy nose.  I'm well aware of this and don't really need to be asked if I have a cold.

4. Are you going to work after you have the baby?
An obvious question for a working lady but when it's asked with an undertone of "the best mom's quit their jobs and stay home with their children" I get annoyed.  To each his own and what is best for your family may not be what is best for my family. 

5. Where are you going to put a baby?
I currently live in an apartment (so do millions of other people across the world) and it is possible to happily live with a baby in something other than a home that you own.  Plus I don't have to deal with all the headaches of home ownership just yet.  I'm enjoying this season of life and being content with the things I have been blessed with right now.

6. How's baby Olivia doing?
My baby's name is OLIVE not to be confused with Olivia.  While Olivia is a fine name, it's not the name we've chosen.  If you are unsure of the baby's name, just ask how the baby is doing and avoid calling him/her the wrong name.  The end.

When you interact with a pregnant lady,
I'd advise you to not ask her the above mentioned questions.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weeks 31-34

An update to my pregnancy timeline...

Week 31: Baby girl is the size of a pineapple: April 1
-I had a cold and am having trouble sleeping through the night luckily I was on Spring Break and got to rest a-lot!
-I'm measuring right on track and baby has a 164 heart beat.
-We got to go to a Jazz game and have a date night.
-Craving ice cream and not wanting to eat red meat.
Week 32: Baby girl is the size of a squash: April 8
 -I'm back to sleeping great.
-We had a baby shower with all of my teacher friends.  We were both spoiled!
-Kankles are reappearing.
Week 33: Baby girl is the size of a durian fruit: April 15
 -I'm having weird hip pain and walking like an old lady.  Time to start sleeping with 3 pillows.  One for my head, one to support my belly and another between my legs.  Seems excessive but it really helps.
-Craving fruit, cereal, ice cream and lots of snacks.  Lots of sweets.
-Busy week at school: book publishing party, art stroll, field trips and meetings.
-Baby bump is measuring right on track, blood pressure is too high, first Nonstress test which kind of stressed me out.  Baby is doing great but I'm having some complications.  Twice a week NST are scheduled from here on out and talks of being induced are on the table now.
-First real pregnancy scary moment... visit to the hospital to check us out.  Baby is fine and I'm having more complications related to my blood pressure.  I had a few contractions while hooked up to all of the monitors.  Take it easy is what the doctor ordered.
-We got pre-registered for our hospital stay, got a hospital tour and feel more prepared for baby's arrival.
-I'm working 3 days a week instead of 5 to try to take it easy and avoid any bed rest.
-Kevin headed to Little Rock to find us a place to live.  I was a little nervous about being home alone but I had some good friends "on call" just in case I needed anything.
Week 34: Baby girl is the size of a butternut squash: April 22 
-2 more NSTs this week and Olive is doing great.  She's moving a ton
-I was resting on the couch and noticed my belly was lopsided.  It seemed like Olive had her bum poking out.  She is really kicking and it's nice to know that she's head down.  This was also the first time that the nurse could see Olive's chest moving up and down during an ultrasound.  She's getting stronger.
-More blood work and tests because everything that they measure is high for me.  More and more talks of a 37 week induction.  I'm okay with that :)
-Starting to get some kankles again.
-A pregnancy first, we went out to dinner and I didn't fit in my side of the booth.  It was too tight for me and my belly!  Kevin and I switched sides and luckily I fit in his side.
-We went on our last babymoon getaway to Park City: out to dinner, outlets and strolling around were just what the doctor ordered.
-Nesting mode has set in. 

>6 weeks to go until my due date but Olive might be making her appearance early in > 2 weeks.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Highlights

The best parts of my week were:

1. Getting a few non-necessity, fun items from World-Market.  I've always wanted to try to make cookies that would sit on the edge of a cup and now I can.  I owned one of these twirly spoons but thought it was time that I got a set of them :)  Seem like the perfect spoons for ice cream toppings, candy buffets, yogurts, etc.

2. I had a baby shower thank you note writing marathon for my co-workers
and made some sugar cookies to go with them.  I made my usual recipe but scoop them with a cookie scoop instead of rolling them out.  It cut my cookie making time in half and they were very tasty.

3.I bought some comfy new pjs to wear at the hospital when I have Olive.
Who doesn't love new jammies??

4. My husband is back after traveling for a few days.  I realized that I get less sleep when he's away because I don't have anyone to make me go to bed and I really don't like it when he's gone.  Good thing he doesn't travel without me too often.

5. I've been going to see my doctor a lot lately and I really enjoy strolling around the hospital grounds when the scenery looks like this: 
Spring is such a cheerful time of year!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Whitney Wore

Here are my outfits for my 34th week of pregnancy:

1. Comfy Teaching
top & skinnies - Motherhood
scarf - World Market
vintage button earrings - Polka-Dotty Place etsy shop
loafers - Target

 2. Jean on Jean
top - Motherhood
jeggings - Wal-Mart
feather accessories - Charlotte Russe
bow flats - TJ Maxx

3. Bathroom Selfie of Pregnancy Color Blocking
Top & skinnies - Motherhood
gold earrings - Francesca's

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Parenting Advice from 9 Year Olds

I love teaching 3rd grade and think my students are highly entertaining.
Since I'm a first time mom,
I decided to ask them for some parenting advice.
They wrote 4 different pieces and we put them together chapter book style.
These were some of my favorite quotes from the kids:

-You must put bows and flowers in her hair.
-Make them try new things.
-A terrific mom always dresses her kids cute.
-Love your kids no matter what.
-Always set a good example for them.
-A good mom always read them a book before they go to bed.
-Take your daughter to Paris.

 -Act proud of them.
-Read to them a lot so that they'll be the smartest in their class.
-Don't drop it.
-Don't ever wake the baby.
-Take good care of it.
-Play with your baby.
-Make the baby fall asleep at 8:00 and then you watch a movie when she's in bed.
-You have to hold your baby because you want to bond with her.
-Buy her PINK pacifiers.
-Make sure to love her.
-Do put her in the bath once in a while.
-Don't let her get whatever she wants or else she'll be spoiled.
-Never drop your baby.
-Always keep the baby in sight.
-Never scare your baby.
-Never let the cuteness of the baby get into you so that you will do anything she wants.
-Teach your baby something every day.
-Always rock your baby to sleep.
-Never ignore your baby.
-Always take a baby to the beach.

 These were excerpts from letters that the kids wrote to Olive for things they wish for her...
I hope you will get to snuggle with Oliver and Topher.
Get to go to Hawaii and go on a cruise.
I hope that you will love olives.
I hope that you will grow up to be a great teacher just like your mom.
I hope that you will be smart, cute and be a super good girl.
I'm positive that you will love your mom.
I hope that you will learn to make delicious chocolate chip cookies just like your mom.
I'm hoping your mom will bring you into our class.
I hope you will be nice and not get frustrated easily.
I know that you will be super beautiful and have brown eyes.
I'd love to babysit you one day.
I hope that you will learn to bake with your mom.

 I can't wait to read these sweet books to Olive and I'm hoping she'll love them as much as I do.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Looking Good

Just got done seeing my doctor and lots of good things to report at 34 weeks:

1. Olive is moving a lot and her heart rate is right on track 2. I had a surprise ultrasound and everything looked good - I hadn't seen Olive since my 20 week appointment so this was exciting! 3. My blood pressure was down a bit 4. I go back on Thursday to check in again and twice a week after that

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers.

Mountainy Monday

Happy Monday to you!
 Hope you have a great week!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cat Care

Both of my cats were due for their annual exam so I scheduled an appointment when the whole family could go.  My husband was sure that the boys were too heavy for me to be lifting so he wanted to go along.  I set their kitty carriers out the night before so that they could explore them a bit.  Oliver is too smart for his own good because he seemed to be able to tell that something was up.  Innocent little Topher just unassumingly enjoyed the new play toys.

We woke up, got ready and then I wrestled with put the cats into their separate carriers.  We took them to the car and the howling/crying/mewing began.  Oliver rides silently as though he's being tortured and Topher lets the whole world know that he is very unhappy with his current circumstances.  It's about a 10 minute drive.  We unloaded them at the vets and are quickly assigned a room.

We open the carriers having to pry Oliver out and Topher eagerly jumps out.  The first lady comes in to weigh them and she sprays this Feliway Calming Spray to help them relax. Topher first: 10lbs Oliver next: 20lbs... I have 30lbs of cat living at my house?!?!  No real shocker there.  I picture Chris Farley saying, "I've got what doctor's call A Little Bit of a Weight Problem..." at this point.  They both hide behind me on the bench and wait for the vet.

She does her full exam.
Topher: great teeth, clean ears, slight chin acne issue -I thought he may have an allergy of some sort but it was just acne so we have a new skin regime to try.  I failed to mention to the vet that I have a hard time even washing my own face so this may be a struggle.. I have to wipe down his food/water bowls daily and then give his little chin a bath with some mild soap a few times a week.  Overall, he's doing great.  He loved the vet and was poochie rubbing her the whole time.  He got two shots and won't have any more for 3 years.

Oliver:  Horrified to be at the vet with his ears cocked back and maybe a little upset at the number he saw on the scale this time...  Didn't make a peep.  Good teeth, nice and clean, ears could be cleaner - I assigned this job to Topher and we are all going to be working on a little diet modification.  Two shots for him as well.

Oliver's weight loss plan:
More wet cat food
Less dry cat food
Feed the boys three small meals a day instead of just filling their bowl.
More exercise.

Heaven help us!  Oliver is a foodie and is not going to be a fan of this plan.  I'm hoping to find some tasty seafood options that they will enjoy.  Both boys will be doing similar things because the vet said wet cat food is more filling, better for them and a more natural thing for them to eat than dry food.

Preparing for Baby:
We want to make sure the transition to having a baby in the house goes as smoothly as possible for them so we asked the vet for tips.  She said to bring home a blanket that the baby has used in the hospital for the boys to sniff and get used to.  This will help them to be familiar with her scent before she even arrives at home.  She said that they will be curious so help to maintain their routines and their "spots" in the house so that they feel comfortable.  Basically, don't ignore them and forget you have furry children when your baby arrives.

Preparing for a 24hr/2-3 day road trip to Arkansas in July:
We were also concerned about traveling with these little rascals since our ten minute car ride was a challenge.  She said to start taking them on little car rides here and there so that they become more comfortable being on the road.  She suggested we get some of that calming spray that they use at the office and she would give us a prescription to tranquilize them a bit.  It won't completely knock them out but it will help them to sleep and relax in the car.  She said normal food/water/kitty litter routine and that they would probably do best in the same carrier since they are BFFs.  So we need to get a larger carrier before July... I'm picturing quite the circus happening in the car (just a few week old infant, two feisty cats, luggage, hubby driving and me trying to stay sane... I'm sure it'll be a trip to remember!!)

They also gave me a list of
Top 10 Toxins for Cats
and seeing as I didn't know some of these, I thought I'd share:
1. Topical, spot-on insecticides
2. Household cleaners
3. Antidepressants
4. Lilies
5. Insoluble oxalate plants
(dieffenbachia, philodendron)
6. Human NSAIDS
(anti-inflammatory meds)
7. Cold and Flu medication
8. Glow sticks
9. ADD/ADHD medications
10. Mouse and rat poison

is the Pet Poison Helpline 24/7

Friday, April 19, 2013

Brief Hospital Stay

I woke up at 5:45am this morning and felt horrible.  Stomach ache, ribs hurting, light headed, sweating, freezing, hard time breathing, major heart burn and I could not get comfortable.  I drank ice water, got a cold wash cloth and nothing helped.  I woke Kevin up with all of my flopping around.  We chatted for a bit and he said he thought we needed to go to the hospital.  I'm a really rational person so I don't take hospital visits lightly.  He said that I've never felt like this so the highly unusual symptoms warranted a trip to the hospital.  

I was supposed to be at work in just a few hours, I'd have to find a sub at 6:00am and surely I'd feel better soon enough...  Kevin wouldn't hear of it.  I texted my super amazing sub friend at 6:15am and she said she would happily come in for me.  I put on some comfy clothes, splashed my face with water, called in my sub and left.  I called my sub and told her the plan for the day; she assured me that she had everything under control which is hard for this self-proclaimed control freak.  I just had to let it go... and I texted a few people to ask them to pray for us.

We arrived at the dark hospital parking lot before 7:00am and headed inside.  I had a knot in my stomach because I was worried about Olive and I knew I wasn't feeling well.  Luckily she was moving around like crazy and I felt like she was letting me know she was okay.  I got a little more nervous as we headed to the Labor & Delivery floor of the hospital.  Too soon! is all I kept thinking.   We checked in, they saw me to my room and outfitted me in a snazzy gown.  

I was greeted by a nurse who asked a million questions... my favorites:
-Are you doing any illegal drugs?
-Are you an organ donor?
Kevin followed this with,
"That's not really why we're here.  Just hoping to have a baby"
-Who's here with you today?
My husband, Kevin.
Ok, Heaven, do you have anything else to add?
I started dying laughing because called him Heavin!
I'm sure she thought I was a weirdo but, come on, that's funny!
-Plus about a million other questions.
-Oh and she told me I looked puffy 
and I responded with "This puffy is my new normal these days."

Then she says, "You are having a contraction right now.  Can you feel it?"  I was shocked.  A. Because contractions often mean labor and B. I was honestly feeling nothing.  I had a few more during our interview so they just kept monitoring us.  Olive was doing great - moving and kicking like crazy.  We were there for a few hours and were both feeling anxious.  It was nice to hear Olive's heartbeat and know that she was doing well.  I had blood drawn as was greeted by a whole host of staff.

I had a moment or two of panic thinking: What if I have her today?  I have yet to pack my hospital bag!  What if today's the day and we don't have our camera?  What if there's an emergency with my health or hers?  What if they won't let me leave for weeks?  Oh and some other really important things like: I don't have any of her cute blankets or bows here for her and we still have some preparing to do at home for her arrival.   

I tried not to dwell on it and just relax because all of that was out of my control.  I was happy to be in the hospital where every single thing was being watched.  Kevin was nervous and tired so I felt bad for stressing him out.  Good thing he didn't give me an option about coming in :)  In our dating & married life, I've never had surgery, never been hospitalized, never gone to the hospital for being sick so I think it was a big of a shock for him to see me hooked up to so many machines and not feeling well.

My doctor was out of town so I met with the on-call doctor.  He said all of my vitals looked good and the baby looked good as well.  He thinks it was just some complications from high blood pressure.  No bed rest for now but I needed to take it easy and only do what I felt up for doing.  Lots of water, rest, no sleeping on my back and don't over do it.  I have a few appointments next week due to my high blood pressure so he said we'd follow up then unless I got to feeling bad again.  We went over what kinds of things I'd come in for and we were good to go. 
 A relieved mom:

Our nurse also had us preregister for our hospital stay while we were there, told us about the room & accommodations and we felt like we got a little sneak peak of where we'll be having our baby.  I'd never been in this portion of the hospital so it was comforting to familiarize myself with the place.  The nurses were really nice and helpful too.  I'm excited to see them again several weeks from now!  They also brought me an icy apple juice when I started feeling better.

So I'm home resting now and trying to take it easy.  Good thing I have two snuggly cats to make me sit down and relax.  That's the agenda for the next several days so I'm going to work hard to stick to the plan of taking good care of myself and Olive.  Thanks for all of your prayers.  We really appreciate them!!