Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter at My House

Here's what Easter looks like at my house:
I reused my sticks from the baby shower I did last week
and turned them into an Easter egg tree.
I bought these painted, wooden egg ornaments from Michaels about 15 years ago.
Found a pastel vasel to use.
Shoved all my sticks in the jar.
Tied a festive bowl around the vase.
Start hanging eggs.
 I've Easterified the rest of my house too:
I've been looking forward to using my carrots from Mexcio for months!!
I knew they would be a perfect for Spring!
They look great in my coffee bean dirt garden :)
I found some Easter ornaments and made a little garland with them.
 I'm a little concerned about the longevity of my decorations...
but I'm undeterred and keep decorating!
 Do you decorate for Easter/Spring?
It makes me so cheerful for the new season!

Teacher Appreciation Week

I soaked up lots of love this week for Teacher Appreciation Week.
Our PTA went with a cooking theme this year and it was adorable.
The PTA gave us 3 of our favorite books from our recent school book fair:
 This "pencil" was a role of Rolos and a Hershey kiss tip.
My first Edible Arrangement:
Handpicked bouquets adorned my desk all week:
Pencil vases:
 My students went together to get me this bad boy:
 My room mom has one so she made peach yogurt and raspberry yogurt for all the kids.
We had a really fun ice cream party!!
This is going to be so f.u.n.
Stay tuned for ice cream recipes :)

Thanks for a great week!!