Saturday, May 5, 2012

Tortoise vs. Hare

Kids need to know the classics like
The Tortoise and the Hare.

My class read the book.
One of my favorite versions:
Buy your own on Amazon
We were inspired by Mr. Wildsmith's art work:
LOVE all the colors.

The kids chose their favorite animal to illustrate with oil pastels.
Then they got a larger piece of paper to do the background on.
We used oil pastels for this too.
The kids glued their animal onto their background.
Then we speckled the paper with a rainbow of watercolor paints.
*I intended to use tempra paint to speckle but it was too thick!
 We let it dry overnight and it was ready to hang up.
The kids also wrote a story to go with their animal
explaining all of the reasons it was the best.

I LOVE how this project turned out.

It took 2 days to do this project.
You'll need 2 sheets of cardstock, 2 large piece of white paper,
1 sheet of construction paper, oil pastels, watercolors, toothbrushes,
water & Clorox wipes to make this project happen.
Give it a try!

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