Thursday, March 31, 2016

Welcome to the Family Fletcher!!

Fletcher Marlon Jordan
joined our family on Tuesday, March 29th.

He weighed in at 
9lbs 7oz
22 inches long
at 11:47am

Both he and his sister are 29th birthdays - Olive is May 29th and he is March 29th.
His middle name is Kevin's Dad's name.
He looks a lot like my side of the family.

We came home tonight and are thrilled to all be together again.
Olive adores her baby brother and we're all adjusting to life as a family of four.

Here are my favorite pictures of Fletcher from this week:


I've got a pretty random list of confessions and random stories for you today...

1. I snapped this picture of Olive when we were waiting for a church service to start.  They didn't have a childcare program during this service so she came in with us.  I was looking back at it and it totally looks like my bare belly is hanging out in church!!!!  I love this picture of her, but let me assure you that my belly stays covered and this is an awkward angle of my ARM.  #nobellyshirtsinchurch

2. We went to brunch with my MIL at IHOP and she arrived before us.  She requested a booth because she knows it's easier to contain a busy toddler in a booth.  So we all go to sit down and I realize that I don't fit in the booth.  My belly was completely squished!  I figured I'd just move the table or go to the other side.  Turns out I couldn't fit on that side either so we had to ask for a new table.  So embarrassing or funny since I know I'm carrying a big baby boy.  I just laughed it off and waited for a roomier seat. #makewayforthebelly

3. I was offered a sample of those uncrustable sandwiches at Sams last week.  I am not usually a pb&j kind of girl, but I went ahead and took it because it was lunch time.  I ate it and LOVED it!  So much so that I contemplated buying a giant box of them from Sams.  Not sure if that's the pregnant girl cravings talking or if they're really that good.  Ever had one - I've almost picked them up several times in the freezer section?? #weirdcraving

4. I had to sit in the waiting room at my OB's office for 3.5 hours a few weeks ago thanks to a long glucose test and I ended up overhearing the strangest conversations.  It's a small room so you couldn't help but be in the middle of them.  I'm a pretty quiet, reserved person so I was surprised at the things people were announcing to the world.
Girl #1 tells her friend that she's really going to have to quit smoking now that she's pregnant.  It's going to be really hard on her because the longest she's ever stopped smoking was the time she spent in jail.
Girl #2 announces to the whole room that she's starving because it's her period week.
Girl #3 comes out of the restroom and I'm standing there waiting in line.  She loudly says that's all pee she could squeeze out so if they needed more she'd have to come back and add more to it. #TMI

5. I read with Olive every day and I got caught skipping pages.  She loves some books that are a little long or wordy so I was giving her the clif notes version.  She stopped and said, "No Mama!  Where's the night part?" I guess I'd skipped over a few of her favorite pictures!  #busted

6. We were getting groceries the other day and Olive asked for a sucker.  I unwrapped the Dum Dum, handed it to her and she almost immediately dropped it on the concrete floor.  She hadn't licked it yet, so I quickly picked it up, blew it off and handed it to her to eat.  It was my last sucker and I knew it would keep her happy for a while.  Maybe I should restock my sucker stash so we don't have this gross scenario again??  #ewwwww

7. I bought a nice make up brush for my powder foundation.  I usually only buy inexpensive ELF brushes and have never really given much thought to cleaning them.  If they started looking bad, I'd just replace them.  So I don't really want to do that with a $30 brush, but I'm clueless as to how to clean them.  How do you clean your nice make up brushes!?!? #helppppp

8.  Olive is obsessed with her stuffed animals.  She has been requesting that she sleeps with all of them and then she tucks them into the crib bumper.  Sometimes Oliver hides in the middle of the animals hoping he'll be safe from her grabby hands. #smartkitty

9.  We've been furniture shopping for sofas and a coffee table recently and it's a pretty exhausting thing to do with a toddler and me being 37 weeks pregnant.  We sit on lots of sofas trying to find the perfect combo of pretty & comfy.  More like we each take turns sitting on couches and the other one follows Olive around the store.  She took advantage of us being distracted with a sales associate and started rearranging price tag tents that were set up on sofas, tables and everything nearby.  She was pretty proud of her work, and I was less than thrilled to try to sort out her mess.  We haven't bought new sofas in 12 years so I'm excited to pick some out even if the process wears me out a bit! #worthit

10. I've been cursed with fever blisters for almost my whole life.  I remember a picture from kindergarten field trip to the pumpkin patch and I'm sporting fever blisters while holding my pumpkin.  I haven't gotten many lately, but one popped up last week.  Olive kept telling me something was on my face and offering to get me a napkin.  I reassured her hourly that it was an ouchie and not something I could wipe off.  She eventually told me, "Go to the doctor Mama so she can fix your face."  #thanks

I'll end with a little bloggy business item for you:  
I'm going to be taking a little bloggy maternity leave for the month of April.  

We'll be adjusting to life with a new baby and moving so it seemed like the perfect time to step back for a few weeks.  I've lined up some WONDERFUL guest bloggers for the month and hope to check in with a photo dump type of post on Tuesdays.  They'll be sharing all of their favorite things about little boys so I hope you'll enjoy getting some ideas for your sons, nephews, cousins, friend's, or students.  I'll be back to my regularly scheduled blogging routine in May.  You can always keep up with me on instagram @ polkadottyplace.


Please tell me you can relate or at least share a confession of your own :)

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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baby BOY: Week 37-38

My 2nd pregnancy is coming to a close and I wanted to document the very end of it.
Here's my VERY last bumpdate:

Week 37 – mini watermelon – March 21:
I ended up having six doctor’s appointments this week for check ups, monitoring and such.  I’m kind of over this stage of pregnancy and definitely won’t miss spending hours at these kind of appointments.  I realize there are many worse things to have to do with my time, but spending 10+ hours doing this wasn’t my idea of fun.  Luckily, Kevin took care of Olive the majority of the time I was there, but she did tag along for portions of the appointments.  It makes me really thankful for the flexibility in his job and the ability to be around for family things during the day.

My blood pressure is high, but not that high for me, blood work is looking okay, kidneys are doing okay and my blood sugar is high but not terrible.  All things combined = I’ll be induced next week at 38 weeks.  Exciting!!  I’m disappointed because my doctor is on vacation for spring break next week so I’ll have to get over it and embrace the fact that the other doctor in the practice will deliver me.  I’ve seen him several times so it’s fine, but I do like my doctor better.

My appetite has finally hit a plateau this week.  Nothing really sounds great, but I’m hungry.  I’ve been snacking regularly and not that interested in big meals. 
We worked on house projects and made some decisions with work there. 

Olive is very interested in all the baby gear we’re pulling out and getting ready.  She’s putting it all to good use for her baby dolls.  She’s been singing to my belly and talking about cute little baby Fletcher.  I have been working hard to talk through lots of baby things with her – how a new baby eats, what they like, what he’ll want to do, where he’ll hang out when he’s awake, bath time, etc. to give her some idea of what to expect.  We’ll point out babies when we see them out and about and she always says how cute they are.  Let’s hope she agrees when we bring Fletcher home :)

I’ve been feeling a whole range of emotions as delivery day approaches.
Excited to meet Fletcher.
Nervous about adding another kid to the mix.
Anxious about my hospital stay and hoping it flies by so I can hurry back home.
Worried about how Olive will do when I’m in the hospital.
Looking forward to introducing Olive to Fletcher.
Busy making to do lists.
Wondering how it’s all going to work with Kevin’s work schedule, the unknowns of delivering a baby timeline and trying to make concrete plans around so many variables.
And everything in between.

Week 38 – watermelon – March 28:
We went to a bunny brunch at the country club.  It was so sweet and I really cherished our last weekend as a family of three.  Olive LOVED the giant bunny and getting to hold the real bunnies.  She didn’t want to hand them back when her turn was over.  We packed in tons of fun with egg dyeing, Easter egg hunting, painting, crafting, chocolate eating, cupcake making and just being together.  I definitely took advantage of times to rest and snuggle Olive each day and am excited for our busy week ahead. 

I'm having a hard time sleeping comfortably, heart burn is back and so is my stuff nose.  I blame spring allergies + pregnancy on that one.  I'm hungry, but nothing sounds good most days so I just end up eating whatever is easiest to prepare.  People are commenting that I look like I'm ready to have a baby any day and they are right.

We pulled out and cleaned up all of our baby gear.  Olive is fascinated by everything and insists on playing with it.  Hopefully she's taking to heart our comments about being gentle and little brother will get a little peace and quiet.  She assured me that she would be very gentle when she met the Easter bunny last weekend so I know she's listening to our gentle talks.  She insists on talking to, singing to and snuggling my belly.  She thinks my belly button is so funny and likes to poke it.  That wouldn't be such a bad thing if it wasn't SO SORE.  I think it's stretched to the max so I'm anxious for it to not be so sensitive. 

It says that Fletcher is the size of a watermelon and I definitely agree.  Can’t wait to see how big he ends up being and to see if he looks like his big sister.  I'm sure that I don't look nearly this cute carrying around a watermelon :)

Pregnancy with Olive:

And that's a wrap on pregnancy #2!!

Dear Big Sister

Dear Olive,

You're about to become a big sister; a role you've been preparing for for months.  If all goes as planned your little brother will be arriving TODAY! 

I have no doubt you'll be excellent at it and your little brother will soon become your best buddy.  You are already so excited to see little boy things coming into the house and are eager to play with them.  You talk about baby brudder often and will pick up cars and boy toys saying they are for baby Fletcher.  You've learned your brother's name and like to talk to him in my belly.  You even name your boy dolls baby brudder.  He doesn't realize how lucky he is to have you yet, but it won't take him long to figure it out.  I can't wait to introduce you to Fletcher.

I want you to know a few things before we add a brother to our family.

You're always going to be our special, first born daughter.  Your role as our oldest is a title you'll forever hold and you've been such a blessing to us.  We weren't sure what to expect as new parents and were nervous about what life would be like with a baby.  You exceeded every expectation and we are over the moon for you.  You're smart, funny, silly, adventurous and brave.

You made us parents and were the first person to call us mama and dada.  We've adored being your parents and have adored you ever since we learned you were joining our family.  We'll always treasure going through all of your "firsts" together.  Hopefully we've learned some things along the way and life with a new baby will be an easy transition.

We've moved around a lot since you were born and we have one more move before we can truly settle into our new life in Terre Haute.  It might seem scary at first, but since you've already called 4 other places home, we think you'll do great in our new house.  You'll have your own room, your own backyard and plenty of room to play - it's going to be wonderful.

Some things are going to change around our house.

Changes can be hard, but this one is going to be a good change.  Our family got so much better when we added you and it'll be the same with Fletcher.  He'll need lots of snuggles, he'll think you're hilarious and it won't be long before he's ready to play with you.

You won't be the only one who needs our attention, but we're good at sharing.  We're going to work really hard to balance, share and be fair to make sure that you and your brother both feel loved.  It'll take some time for us to figure out our new normal, but we promise to work hard to build a great family.  You're such a good communicator that I'm excited to have your help with a new baby.  You've been practicing with your baby dolls and it'll be fun to put all of your new skills to good work with your brother.  He'll love having your help and I'll love showing you how to be gentle and care for him.

Your role may be changing, but ours is not.  We will always be there for you and always be your biggest fans, cheerleaders and encouragers.  You're our #1 girl and we think you're pretty wonderful.

You are the apple of our eye and it's a joy to see you learn new things.  You're clever, funny and we love seeing you make new friends.  We hope that your little brother will be one of your best friends and can't wait to figure out life as a family of four.

We are still going to travel, do fun things and go on adventures with you.  Please be patient as it'll likely take us a little longer to get where we're going and require a few extra steps.  You'll get to introduce Fletcher to our family, to the beach, to car trips and to our friends.  We just hope he's as good of a traveler as you've always been.  Maybe you could give him a few pointers??

We've loved having you to ourselves for almost three whole years, but we feel confident that the best is yet to come for our family of four.  We will celebrate Fletcher's birthday in a few weeks and then your birthday is next. 

We're so excited for your future and excited to see how you grow into your new role.  We are confident that you'll be the best big sister ever and are so proud of you.

Love, Mama & Dada

I put together a Big Sister gift for Olive to open at the hospital from Fletcher.
I read that it's fun way to make the big sibling feel special and a fun thing to tell them the gift is from their new little brother.  So I picked up a few things that I knew Olive would love and that would entertain her when she came to visit at the hospital.  I didn't spend a ton and have been collecting stuff for a while.

-Doctor costume so she can give the baby a check up
-A set of Disney Junior books with her favorite cartoon characters
-Big sister books
-Melissa & Doug lacing cards
-Her favorite snacks

I picked up this copy of Forever My Little Girl: Loving Your Daughter for Now and for Always by Karen Kingsbury.  The illustrations are so sweet and the story is even sweeter.  It follows a little girl as she grows up.  The storyline includes Bible verses, prayers and darling dialogue that makes you feel sentimental about every stage of life with your child.  It's a great read and a fun book to give to your daughter at any age.  You could start reading it with her when she's little or give it to her as a graduation give to help show her how much she's been loved for her whole life.  I got a little teary eyed reading it and thinking how quickly my daughter will grow.  I love the reminder that she'll forever be my little girl.
*I was gifted this book from BookLookBloggers in exchange for an honest review of it.

She's also gotten some fun BIG SISTER packages in the mail:
My friend Meg sent Olive a great assortment of new things she can play with on her own when the baby comes.  She was thrilled to see all this fun stuff.  I let her pick one thing to open now and then put the rest in a basket for her to pick from when we're in the midst of those newborn days.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Hoppy Easter 2016

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  It was our last weekend as a family of three so these 3 Musketeers went out with a bang!  We stayed close to home, got take out and enjoyed some quality family time together.  The weather was pretty close to perfect and we made lots of great memories.  

We went to a Bunny Brunch at the country club on Saturday and it was so much fun!  Olive has always loved bunnies so she was a BIG FAN of the bunnies once again.  She didn't hesitate one bit to sit next to the bunny and then all of her bunny dreams came true by getting to hold a real bunny.  We waiting on the professional pictures to be emailed to us, so my cell phone pics will have to suffice :)

 Brunch was delicious!

Then we dyed Easter eggs.
I wasn't going to have her participate because she was wearing her Easter dress, but Kevin assured me we could watch her carefully and all would be fine.  He was right.

We thought baby brother might be here in time for Easter, but he had other ideas.  So we just got a baby bump photo bomb instead :)

It was time to head outside for the egg hunt.  Olive got a handful of eggs and seemed pretty pleased with herself.  The big kids got more and I'm always amazed that their parents let them continue to collect until their baskets are overflowing when some kids only get a few.  Note to self: remember this when Olive gets older.

The big kids headed for the golf course and Olive was right behind them.

 Kevin has fun dreams of the two of them golfing together as Olive gets older.  I hope she got his athletic genes and not mine...

 38 Weeks and in the baby home stretch!

We did some baby prep around the house and pulled out all of our baby gear to freshen up.
Olive was fascinated by all this baby stuff and thought it was funny that she used to be tiny enough for all of it.  She helped us set things up and then made sure her baby dolls tried everything out.

 Easter Morning Olive woke up to find bunny tracks leading to her Easter basket.  She's fascinated with paw prints these days so I figured this would be a fun thing for her.  I was right.  The paw prints were almost as exciting as the treats in her Easter basket.  She

I got her a book by one of her favorite authors and another book in the Pout Pout Fish series since she loves them so much.  She recognized them right away and knew the characters.  It was fun to see her get so excited about books.

 We had a fun bunny breakfast, snuggled & watched cartoons.  We'd intended to try out a new church, but I just wasn't feeling up for it.

 We headed over to our new house to have an Easter egg hunt.  The forecast called for rain today so Kevin played Easter bunny daddy and gone over to the house on Saturday.  He came up with the idea to hide eggs all throughout the house for Olive to find.  She loved it and loved running through the house.

 Since it didn't end up raining we played in the backyard for a bit.  Olive was more interested in picking "bootiful" flowers than hunting eggs so we just watched her play.

 We headed to the grocery store, came home for a nap and then baked some cupcakes.  I'd intended to make a delicious Easter dinner, but Kevin offered to pick up a pizza for dinner.  We went with the easier option this year and saved our yummy dinner ingredients for another night. 

 Sprinkle Thief :)

We dyed eggs after dinner and Olive wanted no help from anyone.
It was her first year to be so independent about this and we just sat back and supervised.
Her eggs turned out lovely and we'll look forward to eating them later on in the week.  

 I'd been wanting to do a foot print bunny project all week, but didn't get around to doing it until Easter night.  Olive was thrilled at the prospect of doing a project together and thought it was so funny that I wanted to paint her foot.  She said it felt tickly.  It needed to dry a bit before we put the finishing touches on it tomorrow.  We did a little bunny family of three and I'm sure I'll always adore this little Easter art from Olive's 3rd Easter.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend :)
Now it officially feels like SPRING!