Wednesday, April 21, 2021

My Outfit Formula

I am excited to talk to you about outfit formulas today.

I think of it as a combination of clothes that you know you feel good in.  An outfit that is easy, comfy, cute and makes you feel put together and confident.

For me, it's a cute top, skinny jeans and booties.  Throw on some accessories and a jean jacket and I'm set.  I have three pairs of jeans (all some version of the the high rise Old Navy Rockstar Skinnies) that I'm loving right now and a whole section of cute tops hanging in my closet.  I know that I can mix and match them and have outfits ready to go.

Let me show you my outfit formula in action.  With several of these photos by my children.  Because they're around 24/7 and happy to help me snap pictures.  If I bought an item recently, I'll tell you where it's from.

Fun top + black Old Navy skinny jeans + booties & accessories.

Black top + holy jeans + booties

Leopard + black jeans + jean jacket & booties.  100% Old Navy.

Dressy black top + jeans & leopard booties

Floral top + skinny jeans & booties.

Camo sweatshirt (@Walmart) + holy jeans & booties.

I love my friend Jacque's outfit - floral top + white jeans + cute lace up shoes.

Graphic tee + black jeans and a jean jacket if I'm headed out.

Basic tee + cardigan + black jeans & booties.

And if it ever warms up again, I love this combo - floral dress + jean jacket.  Both from Old Navy.

So what would you say is your favorite outfit formula that you know works for you?

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Couscous Stir Fry

Have you ever made couscous?

Ever tried it?

I think the first time I ever ate it was in a swanky Brazillian steak house in Salt Lake.  It was a cold couscous salad and it was dreamy.  I have been on a couscous kick for a few weeks after finding a container of my favorite couscous pearls at my grocery store.  It's called Rice Select Pearl Couscous (Toasted Israeli Style Pasta).  It's the perfect side dish or addition to a meal to beef it up a bit.  My whole family loves it.  The kids call it Goose-Goose :)

Now on to this Couscous Stir Fry.

A few years ago I started trying very very hard to not waste food.  That meant repurposing leftovers, eating leftovers instead of making something new, keeping a very close eye on my produce and freezing lots of food before it went bad.  All of that is going great and I have gotten to the point where I can confidently say that we waste very little food.

I had a bowl of leftover couscous waiting for me in the fridge.

I served it as a side the night before with rotisserie chicken (recipe here) and was now trying to reinvent my leftovers.  I knew I had all the fixings for stir fry.

Here's my recipe - no measuring; just dump in as much as you'd like.

matchstix carrots

green onion

yellow onion

sweet peppers

frozen peas or snap peas or both :)

clove of garlic

rotisserie chicken 

olive oil

soy sauce

teriyaki sauce

cooked couscous


Cook all the veggies first with olive oil.  Add in chicken, sauces and add in the couscous last.  Heat everything and stir until everything is coated in sauce.  Enjoy!  I made too much the first time and am happy to report that it reheats very well as leftovers.

Here's the container of pearl couscous to look for in the store.  I found mine at Walmart.  It say there are 12 servings in this container.  I like the pearl couscous better than the regular couscous.  It's easier to eat since the pearls are bigger.  Regular couscous is messy.

I can't wait to make this again!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Wisconsin Dells: Wilderness Resort

A couple of weeks ago we headed North to Wisconsin Dells for Spring Break.  

Have you ever been there?  It's the water park capital of the world and it's about 5.5 hours from our house.  We'd planned to go there last Spring and had to cancel.  Kevin did all the planning, figured out all the details and surprised us with many of the amenities.  

Backstory - We LOVE Wisconsin.  We made our first trip there in 2019 to the Madison area.  We tagged along for a work trip with Kevin.  You can read all about that trip here - 8 Wisconsin Favorites.  We've been anxious to go back ever since.  The dairy farms are so pretty, the cheese options are so yummy and we love the cooler weather, outdoor eating options, cheese, beer and scenery Wisconsin has to offer.  And all the cities we have visited so far are an easy drive for us from Indiana.

The Wilderness Resort.

You can read all about it here:

It's like no hotel I've ever stayed at.  There were SO MANY things to do with your kids.  We stayed 4 days and 3 nights and came home exhausted.  We were on the go the entire time.  Kevin was a rock star.  He went non stop going on all the slides, wave pools and adventures with the big kids.  I played lifeguard to Leo, made sure he got his naps and kept track of his schedule and played.


Here's what we did without ever leaving the property:

3 giant indoor water parks - wear your wristband and it gets you into all of them.

Ropes Course

Indoor Mini Golf

2 Arcades

Paint Your Own Pottery Studio

Go Karts


Candy Shops

Gift Shops

Coffee Shops

Restaurants - Pizza, Burgers, Buffets, Ice Cream and snacks

Plus: Zip lines, bumper boats, gondolas you can rent, outdoor water parks, horse drawn wagon rides and more outdoor options for Summer.

There are lots of yummy restaurants just a couple minutes from the resort.  As well as specialty cheese stores, coffee shops and outlet malls.  It's about 30 minutes North of Madison so you could also pop down there for quick day trip.  We could have easily stayed longer and the kids are already telling us to work on planning our next trip there.

Wilderness Resort Tips from Kevin //

1. Call the resort and book through them.  They can explain how everything works.

2.  Ask for a coupon book when you arrive.  It saves you money at most shops, activities and restaurants.  We used coupons at the breakfast buffet, gift shops, mini golf, candy shops and more.

3. If you have young kids DO NOT BUY the Fun Pass activities pass.  There won't be enough time or energy to do the activities more than once when you're also busy playing at the water parks.  Just pay as you go for the activities your kids want to do. 

4. Stay on the 2nd floor.  That will give you the easiest access to everything.

5. Schedule a late check out on your last day - 1pm instead of 11am.  That way you can do one last morning at the water park or another excursion. 

6. Get breakfast at Camp Social every morning.  The big breakfast will be the best meal of the day.  Plus it's fun to try out all the yummy food.

7. You can charge things to your room so you don't have to carry your wallet to the pool.


The whole resort is decorated in an outdoor/wilderness theme.  The kids loved it.  We checked into our hotel after dinner time.  I put Leo straight to bed and Kevin took the kids to their first water park.  He said he will never forget their reaction to seeing a GIANT water park.  They played hard for an hour or so.  The parks close down at 10:00pm and then hurried back to the room to tell me all about it - lazy rivers, giant slides, buckets that dump water and much more.  I packed 2 swimsuits for everyone so that we could do an am and pm water park run.

Our family's favorite water park ended up being the one closest to our room - The Klondike Kavern.  It ha a lazy river, tons of things for the big kids to do, swings for babies, hot tubs, restaurants and more.  We went here every day.

The water parks are all geared towards bigger kids (not babies), but there are a few things for babies to do at each park.  All of the kid things are probably best for kids that are walking confidently and can climb water covered stairs.  Leo had a pretty great time, but the surface of the pools is a little rough for knees if you have a crawler.  It's totally doable to take a baby if you've got big kids, but if your oldest is just 2 or 3, I would probably wait until they're a little older to go.

Working + getting the baby to nap :)  While I was on the lazy river with the big kids breaking our record for how many times we could go around in a row.  Six was the record.

Towels - You get one towel card per person.  You turn in your card for one towel.  You can exchange them as many times as you want to make sure you have a dry towel.  Then when you are done, you turn in your last towel and ask for your towel card back.  It was so handy!  I loved not having to worry about losing towels and making sure we had dry towels.

We were wiped out most nights.  You do a ton of walking every day to get to all these fun spots.  Everything is connected indoors so you don't have to worry about the weather or coats.  We also tried the Wild West Waterpark one day, but it wasn't their favorite spot to play.  For some reason the water was really cold even though everything was indoors.


We painted our own pottery - cats for the kids and a Christmas ornament for me.  Everything was fired and ready for pick up by the time we had to check out.

Fletcher was tall enough to do the ropes course.  Kevin was brave enough to go and help both kids.  They had a blast.  Only a few tears were shed mid climbing and the course is up above the arcade.  You can watch from many different spots and even get close enough to give high fives.

Leo was a trooper.  He took a couple stroller naps, a couple pool naps while we were on the go.  If you are going to Wilderness Resort with a child who still naps - definitely bring a stroller for them to nap in on the go.

The kids loved the camping, outdoor, adventure theme throughout the resort.

Pretty views all around you!

We opted for the medium size room - 2 beds, sofa bed alcove and late night run for adults treats :)

CAMP SOCIAL - the best food of our trip!  You paid for the breakfast buffet and got to load up on delicious food to start your day.  If you arrive around 8:00am there are no lines.  Seriously all the breakfast food you could dream of and all of it was delicious.  The whole family loved it.  If you need a high chair for any of your kids, make sure to find one of the lower table to sit at.  

The other restaurants are just so so - pizza, burgers and it's hard to find many fruits and veggies.  We did enjoy the pool side restaurant that served soft pretzels, chicken fingers, burgers, etc.  You aren't allowed to bring in outside food to the pools so if that's your game plan you'll need to eat in your room or have a picnic outside.  

One last morning at the Wild Waterdome park - it has a giant wave pool, kiddie pool area, a swim up bar for an adults only pool and lots of slides.  It's got a glass roof so they remind you to apply sunscreen.  The kids loved the wave pool.

Would your family love the Wilderness Resort??

Let me know if you have any questions for me.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Friday Happies

Happy Friday!  I hope you've had a great week. I loved a post that I saw last week called Friday Happies.  I'm going to copy that for my Friday highlights this week.  These are all the things that made me happy this week.

Embroidered Sign //

I picked up this sweet Home Sweet Home sign at Walmart recently.  It's Pioneer Woman and it was under $5.  It looks great in my kitchen.

Poke A Dot Books //

Two different people gave Leo these fun Poke-A-Dot books from Melissa and Doug for his first birthday.  Have you seen them yet??  They are great for little hands.  The books are filled with these fun dots to push in and out throughout the book.  Leo is one and he LOVES them.  He can turn the board book pages by himself and pop his way through the book.  Even my older kids love them - everyone wants a turn to pop the dots and read the stories.  We bought a few more to give to friends for a birthday party this weekend.  The books are Melissa and Doug are so cute and they come in tons of themes.  We got The Wheels on the Bus, the ocean book, a color book and first words.  I'll put my Amazon affiliate links here if you want to check them out.


 #5 Jug // 

My dad has been collecting pottery forever.  He has a big collection so I asked him to look out for something with a #5 on it for me.  He sent me a picture of this jug and I knew it would be perfect.  I love 5 - 5 people in our family and it seems happy next to my Aldi aloe plant.  Tip: The plants at Aldi are super affordable and great quality.  I've purchased several and have been happy with them.

Hello Spring Charcuterie Boxes // 

I listed Hello Spring boxes on Jordan Bakery Box on Facebook and IG and will be building them for friends and local people this weekend.  The boys helped me shop for supplies this week.  Aren't these tiny charcuterie boards so sweet!?!?  You can follow me @jordanbakerybox on IG and Jordan Bakery Box on Facebook to watch for my next sales.

Leo Turned ONE //

We got to celebrate with family over the weekend.  His Wild One jungle party came together perfectly!

Picnic & Planes

We met some friends at our local airport for a picnic and to watch the planes come and go.  Culvers was delicious and it was neat to see the C-47 plane that led the invasion on D-Day.  You could buy tickets to take a flight on the plane and it flew over our house several times.

12 Month Well Check //

Leo got a great report at his 12 month well check.  He loves this crinkle paper!

Swimming Lessons //

We are wrapping up our session of swimming lessons.  The kids did great and learned a lot!

Penny & Pearl //

They are the sweetest sisters!  I've said this many times, but if you ever have the chance to adopt siblings as pets, do it!  They love each other so much.  I'm so glad the kids talked me into getting two kittens instead of just one.

Spring Flowers //

We've been keeping a close eye on all the Spring flowers in our yard, our neighborhood and watching the bees.  I picked up a flat of Lantana (the most perfect sun loving plant ever!!) It thrives in the full sun, hot heat and the plants get HUGE with flowers well into Fall.  I can't recommend them enough.  I planted 8 across the front gardens at our house with the help of the kids this week.


What a fun week!  We've got several projects we are hoping to tackle this weekend - building a new patio table set, putting together a water table, planting and some fun with friends.  It should be a fun weekend at home for us :)

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