Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Trick or Treat Yourself

We headed to the country club to trick or treat the golf course on Saturday.  The weather was PERFECT.  There was a chill in the air and we snuggled close.

The boys love all things military so that's where our theme came from this year.  Fletcher had an army birthday party back in March and Leo LOVES pointing out planes.

Leo = Air Force Pilot (that refuses to wear his hat)

Fletcher = Army guy

Olive = Space Force


They were thrilled with their costumes.  And I love a good theme.


We started off with a yummy dinner on the patio and then headed out for a private hayride.  That totally happened by accident, but it was cool for it to be just us on a tour of the fall leaves around the golf course.  We headed in to grab some golf carts.  This was the year we officially couldn't fit on one golf cart.  Last year I wore Leo in the Ergo and this year he's a big kid :)

The boys went first in their cart and Olive and I followed close behind.  It was SO FUN to drive around the different stops on the course and get candy.  The kids got to practice their manner and candy eating.  They got lots.  They loved coming home to trade candy.  I got all the Twizzlers and Heath Bars and they were pretty happy collecting everything else.

We came home to watch Notre Dame beat USC!  What a night :)

Olive // Sweet big sis.  She's growing up so fast and her dream of letting her hair grow is happening!

Fletcher // He's so silly and sweet.  Cracks us up all the time.

Leo // Have you ever seen a cuter pint sized pilot?  He LOVES his costume.

Kevin was fresh off the golf course.  He played in a tournament all day and then we met him there.

Hay ride time!  Also Fletcher wants to give a peace sign in every picture.  We could all use a little more peace and smiles in our lives.

The members set up stations all around the course.  Some go all out and decorate.  This sweet spider lady gave out bouncy balls that were a big hit.

That was a good warm up for read trick or treating this weekend!

Monday, October 25, 2021

Halloween Pumpkin Nachos

Happy Halloween week!!  

I've got a really easy, fun nacho idea for you this week.  It could be an easy snack or a fun appetizer to go with dinner.  It's quick and cute!  My crew loved it.

You just need

tortilla chips

your favorite cheese

face making supplies - black olives, sweet peppers, sour cream, green onion and salsa for dipping!


Customize the toppings for your family!  

It's so easy -  put your chips in a circle around the plate - leave one out on top for the stem - melt your cheese, add your toppings and enjoy.  I served it with a bowl of salsa on the side. 


I think next time I'll let give the kids the supplies to make their own face on the pumpkin.


Would your family like some pumpkin nachos this week??

Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, Friends!  I hope you've had a great week.  Life is moving fast over here.  We're loving the Fall weather and are gearing up for all things Halloween.  I'm in charge of planning both kid's Halloween class parties, Fletch has a kindergarten costume parade, we've got our traditional trick or treat the golf course event next weekend and then trick-or-treating our neighborhood.  Plus lots of Halloween baking!  We still have a few costume details and to dos to work out before all those fun events.

Let me tell you about my Friday Favorite moments...

1.  My favorite fall combo - plaid, jeans, ADVDesigns leather earrings and a bright lip - for a dinner meeting with friends at McAlisters.  I hadn't been to McAlisters in ages.  It was yummy!  Sign me up for any restaurant that serves giant cups of lemonade.

I picked up this cute plaid top from Walmart this week (and the striped yellow down in the next picture).  They're so cute and soft and perfect for this time of year when the weather is cool in the mornings and warm in the afternoon. 


I also started using a new frizz cream on my hair from Ulta.  It's Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Cream.  It's pricey, but so far it's the best frizz cream I've tried.  Last week they were doing a 10% off coupon code if you ordered for curbside pick up.  It was SUPER handy.  I'll definitely do it again.  I noticed that it's also available on Amazon!  Yay!  Here's my affiliate link for it:

2. Mystery Reader Mom - I got to surprise Olive and be her class mystery reader.  She was suspicious that the clues her teacher revealed each day might be me, but I pulled off the surprise.  We read Sir Simon Super Scarer (SO CUTE!!) and I left Reese's Pumpkins for the class to eat later.  I LOVED being back in a 3rd grade classroom for a few minutes.  It gave me all that teacher nostalgia.

This striped top is also from Walmart!

Here are my Amazon affiliate links to our family favorite Halloween books.  

We LOVE these 4!!

3. Matching Jammies!

I just can't get enough of these 3 in matchy pjs.  They're so cute!!  They'll wear these through Thanksgiving (and longer probably) and then I'll surprise them with matching Christmas pjs at our North Pole Breakfast in early December.  I have been really happy with the prices and print options from Carters for holiday jammies this season.

Did you see my Halloween House Tour earlier this week?  I love classic, happy Halloween decor.

4. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Mini Bundt Cakes

I did some recipe testing this week and these mini bundt cakes were so good!!  My whole family loved them and we shared some with our neighbors.  I'm baking and selling them in my shop through Thanksgiving.

I'm also dipping LOTS of Halloween pretzels for gifts this month.  I love all the different chocolate and topping options.

5. Picture Day

The kids had picture day and Fletcher's teacher sent me this shot of him.  He's so sweet.  He was NOT thrilled to be wearing a dressy shirt with buttons, BUT he survived.

6. I was working on the computer and looked over to see this!!  Sweet snuggling brothers.

7. Family Treat from Culvers

I posted this on IG stories yesterday and got lots of messages.  Yes, you can cash in your kid's meal ice cream tickets at once.  I save ours up and always have them in my wallet.  We went through the drive thru after school, got an ice cream for each person and then popped them in the freezer for an after dinner treat.  It's so delicious and is a fun "free" treat for the whole family.  Do you have a Culvers??  It's our favorite!

8. I love light jacket weather!

We've been playing outside a lot.  Who looks happier about that - Kevin or Leo!?

I hope you have a great weekend!  See you back here on Monday :)

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Halloween House Tour

Welcome to our Halloween house tour today!  The big kids loved helping me decorate for Halloween over the weekend.  Leo isn't much help so we tackled the decorating project at nap time.

My polka-dot pumpkins from Kirklands last year and still my very favorite!  I loved mixing striped, gingham and polka-dot pumpkins.  And I'm super traditional with black and white and orange decorations for Halloween.  

Leo woke up to the house decorated and was very curious... we tried to put most things up high and out of his reach.  Then the Halloween books and non fragile decor lower.

I framed this oil pastel pumpkin Olive made last year and loved decorating with it.

My parents made me these cute ghosts when I went off to college - a little holiday decor for my dorm room and I love them so much.

Some of my most favorite hand print art is our collection of Halloween hand prints.  It's not really a favorite holiday for me, but the hand and foot print options all turned out so cute.  I started with the tiny candy corn hand print Olive's first Halloween and have come up with cute ideas most years for hands and feet.

The kitchen is pretty simple this time of year.  A few pumpkins - edible and fake.  A stack of Pottery Barn Kids Halloween plates that I've collected over the years and lots of Fall baking supplies.  I've baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, monster cookies, chocolate dipped Halloween pretzels and these mini pumpkin chocolate chip bundt cakes. 

Some boney saland tongs, pumpkin muffin pan and Halloween colored spatulas.

These Halloween cuties had way too much fun with their vampire teeth.  hahaha

Leo was not interested in those silly teeth.  BUT he was obsessed with this singing Snoopy.

And I had way too much fun picking out matching pjs for the kids.  I've always done holiday pjs for them, but matching pjs was a first.  I loved these Carters pjs so much that I already ordered their Christmas pjs.

Is your house decorated for Halloween?

Monday, October 18, 2021

Easy Spooky Halloween Menu

Have you seen all the festive food in stores right now?

My stores have aisles and aisles of holiday fun - Bag of Bones Cheetos. Pumpkin shaped Reese Cups, Pumpkin spice everything, Ghost and Bat Veggie Chips & lots of candy!

I am loving using all that holiday food in school lunches, snacks and for charcuterie boards.  You can do as much or as little cooking as you want.  There are fun holiday food options for every effort level.

I'm going to give you some Halloween menu inspiration today.  I hope you find a couple things that interest you for your family or friends!

My kids LOVE these silly Wilton edible eye balls.  They might be hard to find right now, but checking the regular baking aisles of your stores and hopefully you'll be able to get some.

Halloween Lunch - all the orange and circle shaped things I could find.  All the olives and tomatoes look like eyes.

School Lunch:

Pairs of eyeballs - hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, carrots, & sausage links, pumpkin food pic and anything orange I could find.

After School Snack:

Apples & Caramel dip (my kids tried it and decided they'd prefer crunchy peanut butter)

Lots of bits of festive things - pumpkin spice pretzels, trail mix, mini Oreos, cheese crackers, etc.

I've been selling tons of monster cookies and chocolate dipped pretzels this month!  The kids love when I have some extras for them.  I love these Halloween M&Ms from Sams.

I screenshotted a couple of inspiration pics for Halloween food.  I love @ainttooproudtomeg for holiday foods.  My kids would LOVE an eyeball filled muffin tin snack with a Halloween theme.

I've got plans to build a charcuterie pumpkin dinner, but I want to make sure that I include our favorite orange/black/Halloween foods and not just grab every orange thing I can find.  My crew wouldn't eat dried apricots or some of those cookies but they do like Cheetos and Goldfish.

What festive food is on your radar for Halloween??

Friday, October 15, 2021

Wisconsin Deer Park Favorites

I have a really fun favorites post for you today!  We visited the Wisconsin Deer Park while we were in Wisconsin Dells last weekend.  It showed up on our google searches for must do activities in the area and it exceeded our expectations.  We researched and had a blast.  We'd definitely go again.

Wisconsin Deer Park


1. Show up early right when they open at 10:00am.  The deer are hungry and friendly and the crowds are low.

2. Buy crackers when you first get there and then have cash for cones of corn throughout the park.  They also have quarter machines to get food from.  Open the package and break apart the crackers right away.  The deer will grab the whole cracker if you don't break it apart.  We bought 2 packages and would probably buy 3 next time.  They go fast!

3. Your admission tickets are good for the entire day.  You can stay as long as you want or leave and come back in if you want.

4. The deer are friendly, but they really only come close if you are offering them food.

Let me show you all of our favorite moments!

It really was SO COOL to be able to get so close to the deer.  They didn't mind being pet, hugged or fed.  They were curious about us and excited for some snacks.

Olive loved the babies!  She kept finding them and quietly winning them over.  The boys were a little too loud and scared them away.

The deer LOVED Fletcher.  I'm not sure if it was because he was the perfect height or if he's just so sweet, but he hugged every deer that came near.

There were all sorts of animals - elk, emus, deer, raccoons, lemurs, bunnies, chickens, goats, horses, and many different types of deer.

This was about the halfway point.  Kevin bought cones of corn and wasn't prepared for the deer to be so excited.  They ripped one cone away from him!  Then he wised up and realized he should pour a little corn mixture into his hand for them to eat.  Crazy deer!

This was Jessica.  Fletcher named her and she followed him around for a long time.  He walked with his arm around her and she seemed to really like him.

She was my favorite!

They were so excited to see all the different animals!

We kept Leo in the stroller through the whole deer area, but let him roam with the farm animals.  He still got to pet all the deer without us having to worry about him getting stepped on or wandering away.

We would 10/10 recommend the Wisconsin Deer Park!  It was only about 10 minutes away from Wilderness Resort and surrounded by tons of fun stuff if you're there during peak season.

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