Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five for Friday

5 Highlights from my week:
1. More grilling = Summer is quickly approaching
13 work days left until summer break :)
 2. Sold my biggest order to date from my etsy shop
These are for an adorable group of bridesmaids in CA
 3. Went to work with Kevin & thanks to a fresh window washing
the U was looking extra lovely!!
4.  Went to TJ Maxx Homegoods and bought 6 purses!!
Unfortunately, none of them were for me.
Fortunately, I LOVE shopping for other people.
 5. Derby Pie has been calling my name ever since Derby weekend last week
and I finally got around to making my own.
*Check back in later this week for the recipe and how to details.

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  1. I love TJ maxx! I always find great purses there! And they are usually for me :)


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