Thursday, June 30, 2016

Newborn Pictures & Announcement

I finally got all of Fletcher's birth announcements sent out so it's time to share them on the blog.  I took full advantage of multiple Shutterfly gift cards that came in new mom packs I'd received, coupon codes and sales to get the best deal possible on these announcements.  I LOVE how they turned out and am so happy to continue the tradition of mailing out birth announcements.  I combined the announcements with our new address update on the back.  Two for one :)  I put my favorite sibling picture of the two of them and our new information on the back.

I opted to not use his hospital pictures and went with Fletcher's newborn photo shoot pictures from the studio.  I was obsessed with the pictures from the studio and loved how sweet they were.  He was WIDE awake for the whole session and was too big/strong/mobile for several of her usual newborn props.  We improvised and ended up with some cute shots.  Olive even got to join in the fun!

Favorites from the photo shoot:

 Fletcher was really laid back for the shoot as long as he was snuggled up in a blanket.  His mohawk was looking great and I was thrilled that she captured a smile.  He was 18 days old for these pictures.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fletcher 1-3 Months

Every few months I'm going to check in with monthly updates.  I did the same thing for Olive and love being able to go back and reread all of those sweet memories with her.  I had great intentions of doing a scrapbook for her, but it's still in the works.  My blog is my favorite way to document all those milestones and great memories.  My tradition is to keep a calendar for the first year of my baby's lives and write something special about each day for their first year of life.  I record firsts, milestones, big events and fun facts.  My mom did this for me and I hope my kids enjoy looking back on the details of the first year of their lives.

Here's what Fletcher has been up to for his first three months of life.

Your first month was wonderful and filled with so many firsts - photo shoot, doctor visits, manicure, bath, trip to the country club, trip to the vet with the cats, grocery shopping and napping through a play date.

You LOVE to be swaddled, held, to sleep during the day time and you love to nap and hang out in your swing.  You love to eat - we are doing half bottles and half breast feeding.  You still have a baby mohawk and it looks so cute.  You have already mastered hair pulling - ouch!

Olive calls you little fella, Baby Fletch and cutie.

You met so many family and friends.  It's been different to be a baby in Indiana because all of our family lives so close and could drive up to meet you - aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and grandparents all came to see us.  It was colder than usual in April so we had to bundle you up really well.  You are fussiest in the evenings and daddy can almost always calm you down.

You hit the ten pound club at two weeks old and wrapped up the month weigh 11 pounds 7 oz.  Everyone comments on how big you are.  You're very strong and can hold you head up, look around and lunge yourself in the direction you want to look at.  You had your lip and tongue tie lasered when you were ten days old.  You got circumcised this month.  You've blown through your newborn and 0-3 month wardrobe. 

You are starting to enjoy tummy time.  You rolled over from front to back and no one saw it so we made you reenact it for us all month long.  You SMILE when your mama talks to you.  You love your car seat, swing, and bumbo seat.  You're happiest when you can look around to see what's going on.

You're still breastfeeding and taking bottles.  We changed up your formula a few times trying to find the one that agreed best with your belly.  You're wearing 3 and 3-6 month clothes.  You still love to be swaddled and love your paci.  You have a hard time holding it in so we have to help you with that.  

You are super sweaty and hate being hot.  You've started to grab at toys, still have a great baby mohawk.  You'd like for everything to be silent when you sleep which isn't an option with a big sister around.  You startle easily and get so mad when we wake you up.  You met a few more family members this week and have slept 6 hours at a time several times in a row. 

You're making more eye contact, smiling more and are still the fussiest at the end of the day.  People comment on your beautiful blue eyes everywhere we go.  I hope they stay blue like your Dad's eyes and your Mimi's eyes.  People love talking to you and you attract attention wherever we go.  We took you on vacation this month to Florida.  We had a great time and worked hard to keep you as cool as possible.  You loved being at the ocean with the breeze and were fussy if you got too hot.

More firsts this month - first road trip, first Mother's day, visited daddy at work, your first visit to our home town, your first birthday party for Olive, first bath without crying, first long road trip, first trip to the ocean, first time to the zoo, first hotel stay and first trip to the pool.

You are outgrowing your clothes so quickly.  You're wearing 6 and 6-9 month things.  Most of your summer clothes were 6-9 months so I've been buying you 12 month things to wear later on in the summer.  We have to dress you in cool clothes because you get really hot really easily.  We've discovered a dimple on your right cheek that pops up when you are really happy.  You've found your voice and are talking more and more.  Daddy gets you really excited and you talk the most with him.

You're still nursing and taking bottles.  We've yet to find the perfect formula for you, but we're not giving up until we do.  You do okay on lots of them, but we're hoping to find one that makes you feel great.  You're back to sleeping in 3-4 hour stretches and we an tell that your vision is getting better as you notice things across the room.  The cats are very curious about you, but are careful not to get too close.

You love sitting in your bumbo seat, hanging out in the kitchen with me while I cook, eating, holding onto toys, chewing on your hands, started blowing spit bubbles and being swaddled.  You LOVE LOVE LOVE laying naked on your diaper changing table.  You squeal with delight, make all sorts of happy noises and could hang out there all day long.
You break out in a heat rash if you get too hot.  You're weighing in at 14.12lbs, are 23.5 inches long and had to get two shots this month.  You weren't happy about it.

You got lots of snuggles when we were in Florida and you missed your swing.  You like road trips best when mama rides in the back with you.  I held in your paci, fed you and talked to you for the whole 17+ hour trip home.

More firsts this month - your first bath in the big tub with Olive and you both enjoyed it, your first Father's Day, pedicure and you got your first cold this month.



Our little man turns 3 months old today!
We sure do love this sweet, squishy boy.