Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Graduation Cookies

My friend's daughter (my kittysitter) is graduating high school this week!
They had a graduation open house for her
and I volunteered to make her some graduation cookies.

Her school colors are green and silver.
I purchased green & silver sprinkles
and used my graduation cap, 1 and 2 cookie cutters.

Since it is 2012, I thought it would be cute to do '12 cookies
along with graduation caps.
I'd never overlapped cookies before so I was a little nervous.
I placed the ones first and then added the twos.
I baked them slightly longer to ensure they were done.
 Fresh out of the oven - cute!
They turned out just like I'd hoped.
 The tassel on the graduation cap was f.r.a.g.i.l.e.
 I iced and sprinkled them
giving them 8 hours to dry out on my counter.
 They were ready to be plated.
I think any graduate would love these cookies!!


  1. Can I ask what kind of icing you use? Can you stack the cookies without the icing being ruined? Cute!


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