Friday, February 21, 2020

Simple Joys

We've been working hard to teach our kids to point out the simple joys in their days.

We always ask about the highlights of their days at dinner, pray for people they request and we've started saying things we're grateful for at dinner.  It's been a rewarding routine that we all look forward to each day.  It doesn't require money, much effort or time, but the process is really rewarding.  We've noticed the kids giving more details and thinking harder to come up with their answers each day.

I thought I'd share some of my simple joys with you from this week.  None of them are flashy moments, but they were all highlights in my week.

1 // Donut Dates.
Fletcher has started saying "My belly is screaming for _________" and this week it was screaming for Square Donuts.  He was thrilled that they had all of our favorites.  I hate that Olive can't go with us since she's at school.  But we remedy that by getting her a donut to go for an after school snack.  I'm also feeling extra sentimental about our days together because A. baby brother is coming in April and I know things will change.  B. Fletcher will start preschool next year which means I will no longer be the boss of all of our days.  I'm trying hard to say yes to the lunch dates and fun as much as possible this year.

 2 // Kid Classes.
We went to story time this week and the bubbles at the end never disappoint.  Fletcher loves going to these classes.  It's really fun to see him grow and learn from someone other than me.

3 // Bedtime Stories with Dad.
Kevin loves to read a little bit of a chapter book to the kids every night.  They're currently reading The Boxcar Children.  It's such a sweet moment in our day.

4 // Homemade Bread.
My bread making skills are coming right along!  These were my loaves this week and they were my best yet!  I think I've finally nailed down the perfect combo of ingredients, oven temp, baking time, etc.  My family enjoyed a loaf of bread and I always share the second one.  It feels really great to be at a point with my bread making that I can share it.

5 // Playing.
These two love playing outside and miss that during the winter.  I've been trying to be better about bundling up and heading outside.  We enjoyed a pretty sunset and some fresh air.

6 // Stand Up for Yourself.
Olive's been having some issues at school that were bugging her.  She'd come home and talk about them, but wasn't sure she wanted any help solving her problems.  We talked things through for several days.  Then she came home one day and said she worked up the courage to talk to her teacher about them.  The teacher helped her to solve her problems and I was SO PROUD.  I love that she's learning how to ask for help and advocate for herself.  She was really proud of her self, too.  It's fun to see her confidence growing in lots of areas this year.

What are some simple joys from your week??

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Sprinkled with Love

Yesterday I shared all the details of our sweet baby sprinkle for Leo.  Today I'm going to share about all the sweet ladies who came to celebrate with us.

It took a little bit of thinking and convincing for me to have a baby sprinkle for baby #3 when my sister offered.  I felt super lucky to have had wonderful showers for both Olive and Fletcher and didn't want to have people feel obligated to come to another baby party.  But then I realized that ALL babies are special and ALL babies deserve to be celebrated with the people you love.  I'd 100% recommend celebrating an upcoming baby no matter if it's your first or your fourth. 

Plus, as you know, baby Leo was the sweetest surprise.

We had actually gotten rid of a lot of our baby gear and bulky baby items.  So we were very thankful for the thoughtful baby gear and gifts we received for our little man.  We kept all our baby furniture, lots of baby clothes and toys, but the play mats, bouncers, infant car seats, single stroller, etc.

Let me introduce you to some of my very favorite ladies...

My sister and this adorable lion print for Leo's nursery.  I'll do a separate post about nursery inspiration, but for now think greens, neutrals, plants and a few jungle creatures.

My Mom.

Leo's 2 Great Grandmas!!  Grandma & Nana.  Kevin's grandmas are the sweetest!  They're wonderful and we're so thankful that they could come.  They're the best at keeping up with our family, coming to all our parties, cheering us on and we're lucky to have them.

My MIL and SIL.

My Aunt Vera.

My Mom & her sisters.  Lots of aunts!

Kevin's mom and her sisters.

Olive was scoping out the presents.  She wanted to wear her favorite dress so we coordinated,

These cute girl cousins were the best helpers.  They took gifts as I opened them and are growing up to be such sweet girls.  They're excited to have a baby boy to snuggle.

There's lots of lion themed baby things out right now.  Loved this cute outfit!

Kevin's grandma has crocheted a blanket for each baby.  What a special tradition!

My SIL, sister & mom.

 My friend Jacque.

Kevin's sister Jen & my SIL Kristen.

Leo's middle name is my dad's name.  Leo Marvin :)

The boys showed up at the end to say hello :)
What a fun party!!  Our family felt so loved.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Sprinkle for Leo

My sister hosted the sweetest baby sprinkle for me and baby Leo on Sunday.  It was all her idea and it was so much fun!  We had been looking forward to this for weeks.  We loved celebrating our new baby with some of our favorite ladies.  She surprised me with most of the details.  Everything was very sweet!

I'm going to divide the pictures up into two posts... the details today and our favorite people tomorrow.  Welcome to my baby sprinkle!  I'd never heard of a diaper raffle.  It was a fun way to build up our diaper stash!

I love having guests sign a picture book/guest book when they arrive.  We do this for birthday books and Fletcher has one from his baby shower.  It's so sweet to look back at them.  Leo's book turned out great! 

Haley made sugar cookie favors for all the guests.  They were such a hit that people were grabbing several to take with them.

 Her house was decorated perfectly!

She asked all the guests to color an alphabet page and write Leo a message.  Then she sent them off to make Leo his own alphabet book after the shower.  I can't wait to see the finished product!  It was such a cute, original shower activity!

 There was a delicious snacky spread of food!  Everything she made was yummy!

 Haley outdid herself!  The sprinkle was wonderful and everyone had a great time!

This was a girls only shower so Olive came with me.  She loved helping me open gifts and I just know she's going to be the best big sister again.  This picture just melts my heart!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Valentine Recap

We enjoyed a fun Valentine's Day + a three day weekend.  Olive had off, but Kevin did not.  We enjoyed a little road trip (more on that later this week!) and celebrated with lots of LOVE.

We made some homemade sugar cookies!  They were fast and had a glaze that the kids could help with.  They're not the prettiest/neatest cookies, but they were SO good.

I went to a Favorite Things party with friends!  It was so much fun!  I picked out a heart waffle maker and came home with some really fun make up wash cloths and a drying rack. 

Fletcher learned all about primary colors and color mixing at his science class.  He loved it!

We enjoyed heart cookies from our favorite local bakery.

 We ate hearty lunches all week long!

We had two 2 hour school delays for Olive for frosty single digit temps and slippery roads.  It was wonderful to get to sleep in and have slow mornings.

We helped host Olive's Valentine's Day party at school.

We made loads of valentines!!  We made them for each other, for friends and neighbors.  It was so sweet!  We also got lots of fun valentine mail last week.  The kids LOVE getting mail addressed to them.

  Sams run for a soft pretzel and some fruit.

Surprise hot pink roses from my valentine!  He was so proud of himself.  He said "They were selling roses and baby's breath separately for $10 cheaper than the already assembled bouquets.  I just grabbed two separate bundles and saved $10!"  My sweet deal hunter valentine :) 

We also grabbed Qdoba take out for Valentine's Day dinner.  Kevin got a coupon emailed to him for BOGO dinners if you gave your valentine a kiss at check out.  Good deal!  We loaded everyone up and went to Qdoba.  At check out, he showed the young cashier his coupon and said, "Do I really have to kiss her to get the deal or do you just want to see my coupon code?"  He was being so serious, but it sounded hilarious.  Like he'd prefer not to give me a kiss.  I cracked up and the poor cashier was like,,, "Um, well, you don't have to kiss her if you don't want to!"  He realized his tone and laughed too.  He gave me a big kiss and then I teased him about it all weekend long!

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's Day with your people!