Tuesday, May 15, 2012

End of Year Teacher Gifts

I receive some pretty fun gifts each year
so I wanted to give you some tips/suggestions
of things to give your FAVORITE teacher.

1. Notes of Appreciation:
handwritten & detailed 
I have a whole book of these that I treasure!
I have them from parents and students.
It's really nice to have your child sit down
and write out what they have loved about the school year.

2. Anything from Tiffany's is always appreciated :)
*This is a rarity but it was a fun surprise. 

3. Fun Jewelry that you think the teacher would really wear and like
 4. Lotions, lip gloss, & other beauty products
5. Homemade treats, favorite picture books, jams/jelly

6. Personalized stationery or note cards for the teacher-
You can never have enough of these!
7. Summer bag/purse

8. Gift certificates to the movies, mall, or dinner options.

9. Tickets to a local event - sports, festivals, etc.

10. Potted plants are nice too
*Keep in mind making it easy to transport to and from school

11. Summer Cookout items-
Lemonade container with lemonade mix
Serving platters

12. A favorite book or gift card to a book store.
All teachers that I know could never have enough books.
Each year I have 2 or 3 room moms
and they work really hard for me all year long.
I try to do something fun for them.
Last year I made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes,
plated them and wrapped them with cellophane.
 They were a BIG hit!
I'm planning to do something similar this year.
I made ice cream cone shaped sugar cookies for gifts
and put a note saying, "It was a treat to work with you this year!"

Bottom line, everyone likes to feel appreciated :)

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