Tuesday, May 29, 2012

End of Year Portfolio Party

My students do a TON of writing, art and other projects
throughout the entire year.
I save the majority of our work in a large bin
and then we have a Portfolio Party at the end of the year.
I learned of this idea from the lady I was student teaching with 8 years ago
and have been doing it ever since.

We have a 2 inch three ring binder with plastic sleeves to put small projects in.
Then I have them make a portfolio out of poster board.
We add handles and decorate it.

We "invade" the cafeteria tables and invite
parents, family and friends to come.
It quite a walk down memory lane to see all the work from this year.
The parents LOVE to see all the work
and are very appreciative of this event.
 This event means that school is officially wrapping up.

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