Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Talk Link Up: Choosing a Car Seat

 Buying a car seat is a major investment.

There's a lot of pressure to buy the safest, nicest and best car seat for you little one.  There are tons of websites, tons of reviews and it felt intimidating to research my brains out to find "the best" one for Olive.  I doubt there really is a best one, but I felt like I needed to weed some out.

Her infant seat was a Chicco Nextfit car seat and we loved it.  It was comfortable, not too heavy and really safe.  I started with the Chicco convertible car seats and then started checking out others.  I read reviews and found these two websites to be a great resource.

Helpful Websites:
The Car Seat Lady
a great site to read reviews on car seats

Car Seat VS
amazing site to compare two car seats

My Convertible Car Seat requirements were:
great safety reviews
reclining option
comfortable since we travel a lot
size wasn't a concern because Olive has the back seat to herself
under $300

We ended up with the Britax Marathon!
It had great reviews, met all of my requirements,
was comfortable, safe and I loved the cowmooflage print.
Little Olive back in September checking out her new car seat:

She still loves it today.
It's easy to install and uninstall, easy to clean
easy to buckle and feels so sturdy and safe.

I purchased the car seat on Buybuy baby's website.  They offered a deal of free shipping, the seat I wanted was on sale and I found an additional 20% off coupon.  It shipped right to my door and we have LOVED it.  So I'd advise you to Google coupon codes, watch for car seat deals, price compare with Amazon and other baby sites before purchasing your car seat.

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  1. Ugh, the car seat is the most intimidating purchase! But we got the same seat! Easy to clean and install/uninstall were my big requirements too. And BuyBuy Baby has a price matching policy, too, if you go in-store. We pulled up Amazon and saw it was cheaper, so we just showed them the website on our phone and they rung up the same price! Handy!

    And that cow print is just so cute :)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. We are a Britax family too - we have two Roundabouts (I think) which is one of their cheapest models but still quite comfy and easy to install safely. Nice post, this can be a stressful purchase!

  3. We did a lot of research too...we ended up getting ours from Kohls with a 30% off plus Kohls cash back :)


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