Friday, October 24, 2014

You Can Tell She REALLY Loves Him

My husband made this comment to me 
while I was watching 19 Kids and Counting this week...

You can tell that she REALLY loves him 
just by the way she looks at him.
It's obvious to everyone. 

I could tell that he was being completely serious and I thought that was the nicest compliment.  Michelle Duggar laughs at her husband's silly jokes, smiles at him often, goes along with his ideas and you can tell that they work hard to have a great marriage.  How sweet that a stranger or casual observer could tell how much you loved your spouse just by the way you were looking at them!?!?!

I have never been told that specific compliment, 
I'd LOVE for someone to say the same thing about me one day.

Wouldn't it be sweet if your love for your spouse 
was obvious to everyone around you?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

This week flew by even though we didn't really do anything super exciting.  We had a great visit with my in laws and enjoyed some wonderful weather in Mississippi.  We have big plans of grilling out, checking out a new playground, watching football and working on a few projects around the house.  I'd also love to catch up on sleep so I'll have to send a memo to my 16 month old that sleeping in is a wonderful thing :)

The best parts of our week were....

1. FINALLY getting some golden mums for our patio and porch.  They are lovely and Olive can hardly resist picking them.  The weather was PERFECT so we spent a lot of time in our backyard this week.  Olive got some new toys so she was thrilled.  I also learned how to plant bulbs in my yard.  My MIL gave me a little tutorial and I cannot wait to see them sprout up this Spring.

2. I've been on the hunt for kitchen rugs for months.  I never found anything I loved until now!  I found two of these rugs at Tuesday Mornings and they are perfect.  I nice bright spot of color and I love the texture of them. I've also gotten bit by the chenille bug!  I'm loving this chenille pattern on the throw pillows.  They are the perfect addition to my couches.  Topher agrees.

3. I have plans to make my pumpkin cinnamon rolls this weekend.  My husband has been asking me about them for weeks so I think it's finally time.  They are adorable and delicious.

4.  I finally found the perfect pair of Christmas jammies for my daughter yesterday.  I'd been searching for weeks and felt like I was behind in ordering them.  Screaming Owl is having a big sale this week so you can get a pair for under $18.  That is the best price I've found on-line for this style of pjs.  I'm going to have them personalized locally.  I can't wait for Olive to get them.
Holiday Loungewear

5. I found the best mix of Halloween candy at Target - chocolate & sweets!  It had KitKats, Hershey bars and Reeses along with Twizzlers, jolly rancher suckers and a few other things.  I should have waited to open the candy until closer to Halloween because I keep sneaking into it.  I guess this sign I found at TJ Maxx is perfect for me.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

In Laws Come to Town

Last weekend my in laws came in town!
They were our first visitors since we'd gotten moved in and settled in the house.  They stayed with us and we had a great time.  We got to do lots of fun stuff and got several things done around the house.

A little weekend highlight reel...

The boys did lots of golfing
and the girls ran errands, did some shopping and played outside.
We strategically worked around nap time and everyone was happy.

We visited Toys R Us and Olive was in kid heaven.
She left with some new music, her first car, slide tower and basketball hoop.
 Our backyard just got infinitely more fun.

We worked out in the yard - getting mums and we both got a lesson on how to plant bulbs for Spring.  Can't wait to see things start to sprout come spring.  We also cleared out weeds, dead plants and junk from the previous owner.  The yard looks so much better!!

Olive got to pick out a pumpkin.

 Good spooky face - huh??

 The weekend went by so quickly.  We ate lots of delicious food and tried many new restaurants.  We watched the Notre Dame/Florida State game and had our hearts broken.  Well, we thought we'd won for about 15 seconds so that part was pure bliss, but then the refs took it away.  Booooo!  College football is guaranteed to be exciting each week.  We showed my in laws around Jackson and the weather could not have been more perfect. 
A great time was had by all :)

Soooo who's going to be our next visitors??
We're ready for you!

Couldn't Pass Up These Christmas Jammies!!

Remember when I posted about Christmas pjs a few weeks ago??
 Well, I'm thrilled to report that
I found the perfect Christmas jammies today...
Screaming Owl had a deal I couldn't pass up.

Holiday Loungewear
I shared the deal on facebook for an extra 10% off my order
$3 for shipping for a total less than $18.
That's significantly cheaper that other offers I've seen on-line.

I went with the red and white option for Olive
and then I'll get them monogrammed locally when they arrive.
Cross one of her Christmas presents off my shopping list!!

PS There are only 62 days until Christmas so I'm hoping to spread my shopping out over the next several weeks instead of waiting until the last minute.  I'm hoping for no rushed shipping fees and hopeful that I can find some great deals if I shop ahead.  Wish me luck!!

Do you have any great Christmas shopping strategies to share??

Favorite Holiday Kid Books

Each year I plan to pick up a few new holiday themed books for Olive to slowly build her baby library.  Of course, I'd love to just click away and add tons of books to my Amazon cart, but that's not very realistic.  I thought I'd share some current favorites with you that I've found for Olive.

It's no surprise that Llama Llama makes it into the favorites once again.  Cute rhymes, silly costumes and lots of laughs guaranteed.

Adorable book with soft kitty ears for tiny readers to feel as you read.  The illustrations are adorable and the story is so sweet.  It's a sing songy read and your little one will definitely want you to read this book over and over again.  I found it at Sams for $4.98 so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for it there.

Darling book with great illustrations.
It just so happens that many of the little nick names we've called Olive are in this book - pumpkin, peanut, sweat pea and more. 

This star shaped board book is perfect for toddlers!  It tells the Christmas story along with the significance of the star in terms that any little kid could understand.  I loved that it connected our Christmas traditions back to the story of Jesus' birth.  The illustrations are really sweet and it's well written.  I can't wait to read this with my little one during the holidays so she understands the significance of the star atop our tree.
*I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review of it.
What are your favorite holiday books for kids??
Olive would appreciate your recommendations. 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mississippi Eats

We've been trying some local restaurants lately
and wanted to share them with you.

 1. Cozumel Mexican Restaurant
VERY generous portions, tasty salsa and really fresh.
We'll definitely be heading back to this place and it helps that it's named after one of our favorite spots - Cozumel, Mexico!!

 2. Daylight Donuts
Such a sweet little donut shop with the nicest people working there!
They are so friendly and their donuts are delicious.  I love their cake donuts, my hubby loves their white icing filled long johns and this bacon topped maple donut was heavenly.  The donuts are so fresh and tasty.  Infinitely better than donuts from a big chain store.  We visit this shop about once a week.

3. Newk's Eatery
A delicious bistro type restaurant with tons of options
and delicious desserts.
Their mac & cheese was really tasty and everyone else enjoyed their sandwiches.  I love that they have GIANT cups and their kid cups are the perfect size with big straws.

4. Papitos Mexican Grill
Delicious, fresh salsa, great lemonade and very generous portions.
Loved it and will definitely be going back to this affordable spot.

5. Beagle Bagel
Great bagels, good salad and tasty chocolate cake.
I love their sugar cookies!!
*Be sure to go early in the day if you want to see their whole menu because they often run out of key things like soup and salads.  Also, don't get their red velvet cake.  My husband loves RVC and said it was nasty.

 6. Popeyes
Great chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and a biscuit.
This is our favorite, southern chicken place.

 7. Amerigo
Delicious Italian food!
Make reservations to avoid having to wait very long and go between 4-6pm for early bird specials.  We made reservations for 5:00pm and we basically had the place to ourselves.  Their specials were about $6 off regular priced meals so we saved a bundle.  I got lasagna and it was amazing.  Their bread was so fresh and tasty.  Everyone loved their food - salmon, chicken marsala and fettuccine.  They serve local beer on tap and the wait staff is really friendly and nice to kids :)  I think I might request to go back here for my birthday next month.

Do you have a favorite restaurant for me to try in Mississippi??