Friday, April 24, 2015

Yard Tour 2015

I mentioned earlier in the week that my mother in law was coming into town to help me do a yard overhaul.  She knows a lot about plants and flowers so she was eager to help.  We spent 3.5 days working on it - shopping, planning, placing, digging, watering, etc.  It was a ton of work and we went to bed exhausted most days.  She did a lot of the work, but I tried to help as much as possible while watching Olive. 

The backyard is super green and looking lovely.  We mixed annuals and perennials and are really happy with the end result.  I went into this overhaul knowing the names of only a few basic flowers.  I got a full flower education in just a few days.  We shopped at Lowes and Callaway Gardens in Jackson.  The employees at Callaways could answer every question we had and gave us tons of tips for taking care of our plants.  The employees at Lowes did not know much about the plants with the exception of one day.  So we gathered things we loved and then got busy.

The patio:
We potted Hibiscus, Geraniums, Vinca and Salvia on the patio.
My MIL also thought that Olive needed a chair of her own
so this iron rocker came home with us :)

 Bird Bath flower bed:
We planted Dianthus around the bird bath in three different colors,
We planted a row of bright purple Petunias,
three small pink Hydrangea bushes,
Lantana and Violas.
We also brought in tons of top soil to turn this area into a plantable spot.
The herbs and veggies are in boxes along the patios.

The fence flower bed:
The previous home owner had already put in tons of top soil in this raised bed so we weeded and just started planting.  The white Clematis was already there and we added two red Mandevillas and one pink Dipladenia on the end.  I transplanted all of the Iris' to one end instead of scattered throughout.

We planted the following in front of the potted plants
trying to achieve high, medium and low flowers:
Snow Cone Candytuft
Pink and Yellow Lantana
Pink Pentas
Yellow Purslane
Pink and Red Celosia

The back of the yard: Lots of shade loving plants
Two different varieties of Hosta, Wood Sorrel, Begonias and pots of Impatiens. 

We planted some light pink double impatiens out front.

 I'm SO HAPPY with how everything turned out!! 
We got six bags of mulch for the backyard beds and left pine straw in the front. 
Everything looks lovely and our Secret Garden turned out great :)

The Highlights

This week was a really normal week - normal routines, everyone feeling normal, doctor's appointments, grilling out and family walks.  Nothing super exciting, but sometimes the normalcy is nice.  Except for the part where I watched Grey's Anatomy last night and cried my eyes out.  Where did that come from??  I'm not wondering if I can even continue watch the show without Derrick and Meredith??  Things were going so well for them... boo hoo.  Anyone else shed some tears over it??

Looking forward to the weekend.  It's supposed to be WARM in Mississippi so we're going to work in the yard, eat yummy food and just enjoy being together.

The best parts of my week were:

1. We had our first cook out of the season.  We invited friends over and grilled chicken, had fresh fruits and veggies and it was delicious.  I made our favorite chocolate cake for dessert.  Kevin came up with a fun cocktail for the party and I'll share the recipe next week because it was really yummy!  My husband does all the grilling and I do the sides so it works out perfectly :)

2. We made a trip to the outlet malls and the girls got nothing.  We were just shopping for my hubby.  I was proud we stayed focused and picked up some new summer clothes for him :)  Olive was thrilled to have snacks and be along for the ride.  Until we passed the playground and wouldn't let her play.  She had an epic meltdown, but finally collected herself by the time we got to the car.  Good thing toddlers are cute, because they're exhausting :)

3. We planted our herbs and a few veggies this week.  I'm excited to give gardening a try this season and am hoping I can keep everything alive.  I have never been accused of having a green thumb so let's hope I can up my gardening skills a bit this year.  We are growing green onions, basic, cilantro, mint, sweet peppers, zucchini, squash, snap peas and cucumbers.  I hope to add some cherry tomatoes to the mix, but I'm having trouble finding them in stores.  Wish me luck!!

4. I wrote a whole post on my favorite salad recipes this week and we have been eating a ton of fruits and veggies.  Olive loves helping in the kitchen and thought it was very funny to sneak bites of peppers as I cooked.

 5. We decided to check out a new park one evening this week and Olive loved it.  She is almost two and getting big enough to do a lot of things herself.  That didn't stop us from hovering though :)  She loved the slides and this purple dino.  She growled at him, pet him, hugged him and tried to ride him.  I'd say we'll be back to this cute little park sometime soon.

What was the best part of your week??

Looking forward to the weekend.  It's supposed to be WARM in Mississippi so we're going to work in the yard, eat yummy food and just enjoy being together.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

2nd Birthday Wish List

2nd Birthday Wish List

2nd Birthday Wish List by polkadottyplace on Polyvore

Olive's 2nd birthday is about a month away 
so I wanted to put together a little wish list of ideas for her.  

so much of what I suggested is made for the outdoors. 

Bubble Blowing Machine
Water toys
Toy Lawn Mower
Toy Golf Clubs
Gardening Tools for kids
Blocks, cars & trucks
Microphone toy
Little Purse with pretend make up 
Anything Daniel Tiger
Art supplies - she loves to color, paint, use stickers, stamp and draw.  I'd love for them to be washable since she tends to have trouble containing her art to a piece of paper.
Books - any interactive books

We got her this water table so I know she'd love any water toys to go with it.  We are also going to be getting a pool for her so any pool toys would be great, too. 

It's going to be so much FUN celebrating her birthday :) 

Acai Bowls

I've found myself pinning Acai Bowls a lot lately.
They look so pretty and delicious.
I think they'll make the perfect summer breakfast or snack.

I am a little clueless about the ingredients.
Where do I find the acai??
Many recipes also call for protein powder - any recommendations?

I've got the chia seeds, nuts and berries.
It would be fun to pick up a variety of fresh produce each week to include in my acai bowls.  I also love the idea of adding almonds or granola into the mix.

A├žai bowl topped with kiwi, blueberries, raw coconut chips, mulberries, pomegranate, pineapple, goji berries, chia seeds and almonds

I can't wait for all of this fruit to be in season and taste delicious!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Favorite Videos

Have you seen the music video for Maroon 5's Sugar??
I don't normally watch music videos,
but I LOVED this one!!

Check it out to see some fun wedding SURPRISES!!

Have you seen this Pandora commercial about Moms?
It is so sweet and definitely made me cry :)

BEFORE Yard Pics

 We were lucky enough to move into a house that already had tons of landscaping.  We liked most of it and felt like we could handle taking care of our first yard.  There are hydrangeas, azelas, roses, clematis, iris and many other mystery plants.

Here's what our yard looked like BEFORE my MIL came to help and revamp the place.  I took these about a month ago before everything really greened up.  You'll notice lots of weeds and unruly new growth :)

 The LEFT side of the yard:

The RIGHT side of the yard:

The BACK of the yard:

 Lots of potential, but LOTS of work needed to whip it into shape :)
Stay tuned for the AFTER pictures!!