Friday, July 3, 2015


We've had a busy week at our house with meetings, errands and my husband wrapping up his last week of work in Mississippi.  We have big plans to start packing and get a ton done this weekend.  My parents are coming to help us for a few days so I'm excited to see them :)  We are also going to try to squeeze in a bit of 4th of July fun despite being in the middle of a move.  Here's to some grilling out, red white&blue and fireworks.

1. The VERY BEST news of the week, no month, is our house SOLD!!
We put it on the market and 19 days later had an offer :)  We closed on Wednesday and have one week to turn the keys over to the new owner.  It's a busy/exciting/crazy time at our house.  Want to come and help me pack??

2.  We try to go for walks most evenings and it just so happens that we have a snow cone stand in our neighborhood.  We stopped in this week for a mid-walk snow cone and crossed something fun off our of summer bucket list.  Kevin and I enjoyed our blue raspberry/black cherry combo and Olive enjoyed playing with the spoons.  She'd take a bite or two and say COLD!

3. I won this adorable weekender bag this week!!  I'm so excited for it to arrive from CoraLee.  
I went with a navy circle monogram on mine.  Thanks April for hosting such a fun giveaway!!
Mint Ikat Weekender Bag

4. I shared a recipe for Triple Berry Scones yesterday and they'd be the perfect treat for the July 4th weekend.  They were easy to make and totally changed my mind about scones.  I never knew they could be so good!!  My whole family loved them.

5. We had a really successful garage sale last weekend.  It was exhausting, but we enjoyed doing it.  The whole clean out every corner of your house, sell what you can and donate the rest was really freeing.  It was nice to clean things out and know we are going to have many less boxes to pack.  The Salvation Army is coming sometime today to pick up everything that didn't sell.

Hope you have a great weekend :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. 

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Triple Berry Scones

I've never been a big fan of scones.
They are kind of in the same category as biscotti for me...
dry, crumbly and not much flavor.
Maybe I've never had good ones, 
but I wasn't dying to try to make them myself.

That is until The Pioneer Woman posted a recipe for Mixed Berry Scones.  They looked SO good and I had all of the ingredients I needed to make them.  I made some changes and ended up with some really tasty treats to share with you today.

These Triple Berry Scones would be PERFECT for July 4th weekend.
They are festive and delicious.

2 c flour
1/4 c sugar
1 1/2 t baking powder
sprinkle of salt
1 stick cold butter
3/4 c Vitamin D milk
1 egg
1/2 t vanilla
2 T raspberry jelly
1/4 c chopped strawberries*
1/4 c chopped blueberries
1/4 c raspberries*
* I used frozen berries, thawed them and drained the water off

Glaze ingredients:
3 T thawed raspberries + raspberry juice from thawing
2 T melted butter
3 cups powdered sugar
a splash of milk

Preheat oven to 350
Bake for 20-25 minutes.

Combine the flour, sugar, baking powdered and salt into a large bowl.  Add the butter and use a pastry cutter to combine everything well.

 Whisk the wet ingredients together and then pour about half of it into the flour mixture.  Add in half of the berries.  Mix well and then add in the rest of the liquid and berries until fully combined.  You may need to add some more flour at this point so that you can handle the dough.  If you do add more flour be sure to add some more sugar into the mix.

 Form your scone dough into a flattened circle on a greased cookie sheet.
Cut into triangles and spread apart.

Combine the ingredients for the glaze and let them set while the scones bake.

Watching our "triangles" bake.
I kept trying to convince Olive they were scones, but she kept correcting me.

 Let the scones cool most of the way and then top with glaze.
I put the glaze in a ziploc bag, cut off one tiny corner and the squeezed the raspberry glaze on top of each scone.  Worked perfectly and the clean up with easy.

Happy Fourth of July weekend!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy {Kitty} Birthday!

My cats are away at Summer Camp right now
(aka living with my parents until we move)
so I wanted to wish the a BIG
Happy Kitty Birthday!
Oliver is 7 and Topher is 6 today.

Can't wait to be reunited in just a few weeks :)

Happy Bloggy Birthday!!

My blog turns FOUR today!
Happy Bloggy Birthday Polka-Dotty Place!!
I can hardly believe it.

I've loved blogging since 2011 and it's become one of my favorite hobbies.  

I started my blog when I was living in Utah and wanted my family in Indiana to know what I was up to.  I was writing about teaching, baking, my outfits and traveling.  Those things are still important to me, but they look a little different today four years later.  I'm a full time mom now and I think my blog reflects the change in my title.  I'm still a teacher, but my focus is on preschool learning activities for Olive.  I still bake and love sharing my favorite recipes with you.  I still wear outfits everyday, but I don't document them like I used to when I was teaching.  We still travel and I enjoy sharing our family adventures with you.

I've blogged in Utah, Arkansas, Mississippi and soon I'll be blogging from Indiana.  I love documenting my family, our days, our travels, yummy recipes, craft projects, DIY projects, party planning and everything in between.  I have worked to improve aspects of my blog over the years and enjoy taking photos and writing posts each week.  I am thankful to have a record of my life for the last few years and I'm excited to continue writing about our new life settling into our home in Indiana.  You can bet it'll be full of adventure, fun and finding the joy in the ordinary moments.

Thank you for reading my writing.

Thank you for your friendship.

And thank you for making me smile.

I'm lucky to have friends like you :)

Have a treat to celebrate with us today!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Day at Marco Island

We spend one day of our Florida trip at Marco Island.
There are tons of locals and not many tourists.
It's a quiet place with good beaches.
They are very shell-y so be sure to bring sandals to walk on the beach.
We paid to park across the street and walked over to the beaches.
There are restaurants at the hotels and we ate lunch with a beach view.
It was a cloudy day which was perfect for us.
We weren't too hot and no one got sun burned.

Marco Island is 20-30 minutes from Naples so it was fun to visit a variety of beaches.  We all decided that the beaches in Naples were our favorite because they were less crowded and the sand was fluffier.

Tuesday Talk: Kids Wants Our TIME

I've only been a parent for a few years, but I'm learning that the most important thing I can give my daughter is my TIME.  I love planning trips and fun activities for her.  I get excited to introduce her to new things, but the most precious thing I can give her is my time.  I don't need to spend loads of money on her all the time.  She just wants to spend time with her parents.

She just wants our TIME.

She wants to be with us.

She wants us to look her in the eyes when she talks to us.

She wants us to hold her.

She wants us to be silly with her.

She wants to help us and to get to do things with us.

She wants us to teach her new things.

She wants us to look when she says "Wook Mama!"

She wants us to answer her questions.

She wants us to sit on the floor and play with her.

She wants us to rock her to sleep.

She wants us to be there for her.

She needs us and we need her.

I'm learning and relearning this every single day.
Some of our best times are low key, spontaneous moments together.

Learning to golf.

 Doing yard work together.

 Watching airplanes fly by.

 Enjoying each others company.

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