Monday, April 6, 2015

Weekending: Easter Edition

We had a LOVELY Easter weekend.  It was really fun, good weather and Olive really loved all the Easter activities this year.  I know all of the first holidays get a lot of attention, but we are having a blast with the second holidays.  She can do so much more this year than last.

We went on walks, hung out at home, snuck in a nap, did all the Easter activities that we possibly could have, went to church and ate lots of good food.

We went to an egg hunt with church friends in the morning at a park.
A local church was putting it on and there were so many cute things to do.  A sweet lady helped Olive make her bunny headband, we watched other kids do the jumpy things and a big thanks to Sherry for getting Olive her first cotton candy!  It was really nice to meet you in person :)

 Olive was shy at first and then wanted out to explore.
She was less than thrilled to be so close to the eggs and be told NO NOT YET.
We waited to start and she threw two big flop on the ground fits because toddlers aren't pros at being patient or being told no.  I let her flop a bit and remained perfectly calm as all of the other sweet children were passing us by to get their spot.  She recovered just in time to start the egg hunt.

She'd never hunted eggs before, but she figured it out right away.
Olive got a good amount considering there were tons of bigger kids picking up eggs by the handful.
I held her basket and followed her around to get the eggs.
She'd say, "Wook Mama!"

 She could hardly believe her eyes when she realized the eggs had candy in them.  Laffy Taffy and Tootsie rolls were her favorite.

We headed to church and got donuts afterwards.

 Olive's first Easter Egg hunt in our new backyard was a HUGE success.
I put M&Ms and goldfish crackers in her eggs.
She didn't want any help and was eager to show off her eggs.
She'd count ONE, TWO, WEE, FIVE, SIX as she was putting them in her basket.

The backyard was bursting with pink blooms so I appreciated the previous owner being so thoughtful and planting such pretty bushes for us :)

 She hunted them all and then emptied her basket to repeat the game over again.

 Olive loved her Easter basket 
- the bendy bunnies and the wind up hopping animals were her favorite. 
We had a low key dinner at home and Olive played with her new things.

Hope you had a Happy Easter weekend.


  1. I'm slightly disappointed there were no Olive flopping on the ground photos, hahaha.

  2. Looks like y'all had a great Easter!

  3. I am glad to hear that you and I have the same reaction to "flopping on the ground". I just stand there, let him do his thing, and then we move on. I do feel bad for toddlers-they just don't understand. You captured some really great pictures of Olive. I love the third picture from the bottom. It is very frame worthy!

  4. Love the pictures! You are lucky to have such a pretty backyard, and it's evident Olive is quite enjoying herself on the hunt! Such a cutie. :)


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