Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pink Lampshades

 The majority of the light fixtures in our home are white or gold.  They aren't hideous, but they could use a little updating.  When my parents were in town a few weeks ago I asked them to help me with this project.

I was hunting for 6 small lampshades to update my light fixture.  I knew that I wanted them to be colorful and bring some color to the room.  I was on the hunt for pink or green shades and couldn't find anything I loved.  I'm also on the hunt for a perfect round coffee table for this space.  I am committed to finding one I love so it's been empty for longer than I'd like.

My dad and I spotted these small shades for around $4 at Lowes.  I didn't love the beige color so I suggested we keep looking elsewhere.  He said we should get them and just spray paint them.  Genius idea, dad!!  I hadn't even thought of this quick fix as an option.  I'd been thinking of recovering them with cute fabric and things like that.  Projects that would have taken MUCH longer to achieve the desired results.

So we picked up six lampshades and a fun shade of pink to match the pink in the rug.
6 shades = $24
1 can of spray paint = $4

 My Dad took over the project from here.
He covered the metal insides of the lamp shade with painter's tape
and sprayed the rest.
He did several coats letting each coat dry completely.
The shades had a slight texture to them and I worried they might look fuzzy when we were done.  I'm happy to report that they look great and not at all fuzzy in real life.

 Voila!!  A little lighting update that added some color up towards the 9ft ceiling.
Great work, Dad!!


  1. Wow! Those shades make such a difference! Love it.

  2. Looks so different - in a good way - with the shades! Great job!!!

  3. This idea is GENIUS!! Your dad should have his own household hints TV show!

  4. Go Dad! Such a great idea! I always forget that there is so much you can spray paint. The color goes so well the rug.


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