Thursday, April 2, 2015

Olive @ 21 Months

Olive's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching - May 29th will be here in no time.
We are really enjoying her new skills and new words.  It is amazing how much she changes every day.  Even her teachers have noticed how much she's talking and how grown up she seems all of the sudden.  She keeps us on our toes and we are always surprised at the new things she's able to do.  Here's what she was up to in March:

pean up = clean up
sock, shoe, bow
hebby = heavy
I wike it
sirey = sorry
help you = when she wants to help or wants you to help her
yesh = yes

She's also starting to try to sing along with songs - twinkle, twinkle, Daniel Tiger songs & the ABCs

 Learning all the animal noises.  She loves the buzzing of the bee and the roaring of the tiger.  Now she can transfer her animal knowledge from the books we read to seeing different pictures of animals.  When we see a bee poster at church she says buzzzzzzzz.

She's learning shapes and catching on quickly.  Strangers will often ask her to name the color of something she points out and she looks at them like they are bonkers.

She's working hard to name people: June is her favorite teacher at church, Mmmmmbelle is Maybelle our sweet neighbor and she can name my parents and siblings - Mimi, Papaw, Ty Ty (Tyler) and Haybee (Haley)
 She unloads the silverware (minus any sharp knives and puts away kitchen utensils for me)

She loves to try on shoes and bracelets.  She'll look at them and say CUTE!

She still loves letters and gets excited to point them out to us.  She's fascinated when letters come on the TV screen and is eager to point out letters when we are out and about.

When you ask her, "How was your nap?"  She says, "Good."

She still loves to read books and would have us read to her all day long if we could.

Her Sunday school teacher dubbed her the class greeter because she waves and says heeeeeyyyyyy to all the kids that come in the room.  This is a far cry from the class screamer that she once was back in the fall.  Thank heavens for sweet teachers who stuck with her to help her love coming to see them.

She is growing more and more attached to Bun-Bun (her bunny), paci and her nigh-night (blanket).  She carries them all over the house.

Olive enjoys being outside and will throw quite a tantrum if you try to make her come in before she's ready.  She loves to slide and swing. She'll say, "Ready, set" and then slide down the slide.

She's starting to want to hold our hands.

She eats most things and loves to eat off of our plates.  Somehow everything looks better when it's on someone else's plate.  You LOVE chocolate.

You have started "reading" books on your own this month.  We'll find you sitting in your chair just babbling through your whole stack of books.

 We sure do love you!!


  1. Is there such a thing as a bad nap? She is wise beyond her years, haha.

  2. Great pictures Whitney. So enjoyable to see her growing up and sooo smart...Love Gram

  3. She looks like a real hoot in the bathtub!

  4. She's getting so big! It's something new everyday, isn't it?! I knew her and Kane were close in age, but didn't realize that they were only about a week apart.

  5. She is getting so big and learning so much! So fun to see where Olivia will be in the not so distant future. All of her words - naming people - animal noises. She's so smart!


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