Monday, April 27, 2015

These Words Actually Came Out of My Mouth

I find myself saying some pretty strange things to or about my toddler...

Please don't squish the cats guts.  That hurts them.

Crayons don't go in your ears.

Dirty dishes don't belong in the cabinets.

We do not eat out of the trash can.

Please don't lick mommy's shoes.

Q-tips aren't supposed to go in noses.

Bath water isn't for drinking.

Oliver does not need his teeth examined. 

Let's color on the paper and not your teeth.

Bird seed is for birds and not little girls.

Let's not dig up the flowers we just planted.

Dirt stays in the pot.

Bees are not your friends.

Kevin and I were discussing Olive's recent resistance to going down for a nap or for bed.  He said, "Well maybe she's just ready to drop her nap time."  I responded with
Please don't ever say those words again.  We both need her to nap!


  1. I figure that kindergarten kids use to get naps not so long ago so if it was good for them then it is good for my kid. Jack is a great napper. Yesterday I said to Jack "We don't lick the ground". It is always something with these toddlers.

  2. ha ha! Those are hilarious! Good for you for documenting them! :D

  3. Haha! Lucas used to have two big naps and then dropped to one...I don't think I will make it if he decides to drop nap time entirely 😳

  4. Please don't lick mommy's shoes.


  5. Ahahaha!! I loved this post! :) Motherhood does cause you to say things you'd otherwise never expect to come out of your mouth! lol ;)

  6. Oh my gosh - I laughed out loud at "We do not eat out of the trashcan" "Color on the paper and not on your teeth" and "bees are not your friend." I had to explain to Olivia today why we don't eat crackers covered in ants.


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