Thursday, April 9, 2015

I Couldn't Live Without...

I couldn't live without...

My parents have made two trips down to Mississippi to help us work on our house.  One was before we moved in and we cleaned, painted and got the place move in ready.  The second was last month when they came to work on more decorative, fun things.

My Dad is super handy and my mom has great ideas.  They make a great DIY team.  I know that my project list would be much longer if they weren't around to help.  I made a hope to do list of projects when they were here last and it had 16+ items on it.  We got the vast majority of them done and our house already feels more homey.

My Dad drilled a peep hole for us and it's been so nice to have one.
I guess I just thought doors either had peep holes or they didn't.  I never realized you could just drill one so thanks to my dad's tools and a $10 peep hole this project got done.

They're also good at thrifting/antiquing and have been doing it for years.  There aren't many antique shops in Jackson so it was funny that my dad spotted this one that I'd driven by for months.  We check it out and found some cute things.

It's only fitting that I end my post by wishing my Dad a BIG Happy Birthday today 
and thank him for all of his hard work!!  We sure do love you :)

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  1. Having your parents visit sounds like a lot of fun! I love getting stuff done and sound like you and your parents do too. Happy birthday to your handy dad!

  2. Such a blessing when they're around and live far away. I remember one time when I was in school the heating element went out in my dryer and my dad came up to fix it and me & mom went shopping. Happy Birthday to your dad!

  3. Happy late birthday to your dad! That is awesome that y'all were able to get a majority of your list done, I love being able to check items off my to-do list!

  4. happy birthday to your dad!! and so nice they could help so much!


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