Tuesday, April 14, 2015


 I made a dentist appointment last week and planned for Kevin to be home with Olive so I could go alone.  Is it sad that it felt like a little retreat??  Haha I'll take any alone time I can get :)

I was gone for about two hours and called Kevin when I was on my way home.  I was about 5 minutes away and Kevin sounded very strange on the phone.  He seemed distracted and asked how far away I was.  I told him 5 minutes, he panicked and started mumbling things like - oh no, what am I gonna do, Olive how did this happen, etc.  I asked about what was wrong and he said it was too horrible to say.  I assured him I wouldn't be mad and he assured me that everyone was safe.

I told him not to worry about the mess and was apologizing profusely.
He said there had been a little incident with markers in our family room.
Olive loves to color and draw so I asked if she'd drawn on the wall.
He said no, WORSE.

I pulled in the driveway to see these two...
holy moly!!
What do you think of those kitty whiskers she drew on all by herself??

 Apparently, Olive had decided she needed some body art.
All over her hands, her arm, her sleeve, her pants, her face, her teeth and tongue.
Kevin kept apologizing and as we entered the house he said Ummmmm THERE'S MORE.
He led me into the family room to see this Picasso-esque artwork all over my yellow rug.
Olive kept pointing at her designs saying "pitty" meaning pretty and I reminded her that her art supplies are for paper and not body or rug art.  She was so excited that I was home so she kept hugging me and saying pitty pitty to all of her art work. 

Thank the LORD above that she'd found a Crayola washable marker and not a Sharpie.  I assessed the damage (very calmly I might add) and we got busy.  I had no idea how this would all come out, but I was quick to get busy on stain removal duty.  Kevin scrubbed Olive with wet wipes and I started on the rug.  Oxyclean and warm water to the rescue!!  We scrubbed and scrubbed with great success.  Olive and the rug were both back to normal without too much effort on our part.

I blame the Masters golf tournament for being so distracting and Kevin swears he took his eyes off of Olive for less than a minute.  Isn't it impressive how much art she can get done in such a short time???  haha  He also said she was so sneaky, so quiet and he really thought she was being good.  I told him that it's important for him to learn that quiet toddlers = TROUBLE.  I love when these two get to spend alone time together so I'm okay with coming home to messes sometimes.  He wanted to know how in the world I keep her from destructing the whole house during the day.  I think he has a new appreciation for my toddler wrangling skills.

Another favorite area of destruction is her bow basket.
She loves to put her headbands on her head and her feet :)

There's never a dull moment with a toddler in the house!!


  1. Pitty! How cute is that?? I'm so glad it all worked out in the end - and I hope your dentist appointment went well too :)

  2. Pitty! How cute is that?? I'm so glad it all worked out in the end - and I hope your dentist appointment went well too :)

  3. Well Mama it was pitty. So cute that she was so proud of her artwork. Did y'all show her what she looked like? I bet Kevin was freaking out. Toddlers are always so much fun!

  4. So cute! She could destroy all your stuff and be adorable in the process.

  5. I had this sense of fore-boding when I got to the pictures that she had poop all over her face, haha. At least marker washes out!

  6. Darn golf. LoL pitty pitty!

  7. Oh my goodness HAHA! Thank goodness for the washable markers. But yes, a quiet toddler is no good. But I do have a hard time being "mad" when they are just so proud of themselves doing something exciting :) Glad you got to enjoy most of your alone time outing!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  8. Awwwww! Tell you husband not to feel badly! My mom once put my brother down for a nap, and when he woke up, he had spread his poopy diaper all over himself and the walls!

  9. I really love your daughter's name, so cute!

  10. This is so funny! Mostly because it came out of the rug. I'd have been so annoyed with the rug - you can't take your eyes off of them! But, I'm glad he realizes how much work it is keeping her all day. Well .. keeping her and still having the house in tact - haha. We've had a few moments like that with Dan. Mostly he just leaves the house a disaster and says "she's easy." Great. But, do you see how when you come home I have dinner, her, and the house is still together? Husbands haha.


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