Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My Favorite Vacations are...


We just love everything about cruising.
The fancy dinners, the not having to think about directions or where to go, wandering around the ship looking for fun things to do, delicious food, meeting new people and relaxing.

My husband and I have been lucky enough on two cruises and had a blast on both.

to Nassau, Bahamas
lots of families
good stops
great deck service - think chocolate covered strawberries and daiquiris delivered to you poolside
very casual

to Key West and Cozumel, Mexico
delicious food at every meal - we still talk about the buffets
tons to do on the ship
nice ship and staff
less families/kids
high quality everything

1. Scheduling cruises in the off season is cheaper
2. We always opt for a cheaper room 
and spend the extra money on excursions or things at the port cities.
3. Dress up when you have nice dinners 
- it's a fun way to make your evenings feel a little more special
4. See and do as much as you can at your port cities without getting left behind.
5. Pack comfy shoes because those ships are HUGE and you'll be doing a lot of walking.
6. Do as much as you can - go see shows, try all the restaurants, eat lots and get out and about when you're on the ship.

We have not be on a cruise since we had Olive so I don't really have any kid friendly tips or advice.  Maybe one day :)

Have you ever been on a cruise??
Where did you go?
I'd LOVE to hear about it.

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  1. We LOVE cruising! We've only ever done the Caribbean and Mexico but someday want to do an Alaskan cruise.

  2. My only cruise was a spring break booze cruise, haha. I'm sure a cruise would be a lot more fun now that I'm over 21 and have a disposable income.

  3. Hubs and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary on an Hawaiian Cruise in NINE days!! Eeeek!!

  4. I have debated so many times but have never been. A friend went over spring break and their excursions looked amazing. I can imagine you guys taking Olive on a Disney cruise eventually!

  5. I love cruises, oddly enough i love days at seas the best!

  6. I haven't been on a cruise yet but Corey went on the Disney cruise with his family when he was younger and they loved it. I'm thinking we're going to do a cruise for our honeymoon because I'm not big on flying. I'll have to keep your tips in mind!

  7. I've never been on a cruise but I would LOVE to do a Disney cruise!

  8. My husband and I love cruising...we have been on 4.....all over the Carribean and the Gulf of Mexico. I hope you get to go on another one some day! :) Ellie @squeake265@gmail.com

  9. We love cruises too! I've been on four (Celebrity, 2 Royal Caribbean, and Carnival). I highly recommend Bermuda, St Thomas, and Grand Cayman - those were our absolute favorite stops. I love that you have the ability to visit new places without committing an entire week there. Honestly, I get bored spending a whole week in one place. Island hopping is the best! We haven't done a cruise since Mila was born, but we're thinking about it. I want her to be potty trained first because I've read that kids in diapers aren't allowed in the pools. If you do decide to take Olive on a cruise, please share your tips! :)


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