Friday, April 3, 2015

Hello Mr. Easter Bunny

Kevin and I were looking forward to taking Olive to see the Easter Bunny this year.  She adores bunnies so we were excited to see what she'd think of a giant bunny.  We headed to the mall around 6:00 and found that there was no line to see the bunny.  The girls running the show were a little disorganized, but we made due.  

Olive was very stoic.  She didn't seem that scared, but seemed confused about why we gave her to the bunny and walked away.  We called out to her, she smiled occasionally, looked at the bunny, scoped out the place, pointed at the decorations and then was over it.  Kevin scooped her up when the lip started quivering.

We probably paid too much for two copies of a picture,
but I just love these yearly bunny pictures.
Can you really put a price on Easter memories??  I say no :)

Easter 2015
in Mississippi

in Arkansas
I can not believe how much she's grown up this year!!

 Have you been to see the Easter bunny yet??
Hope you have a great Easter weekend


  1. Too cute! I was always scared of the Easter Bunny; we have pictures to prove it! Ha!

  2. We don't have an Easter Bunny to visit around here. I wish we did because I would love to see how Jack would react. In about 30 minutes I am going to Jack's preschool for their Easter egg hunt and party. I'm so excited!

  3. Oh my goodness - she's so cute! Olive is a brave kid - neither my sister nor I cared to be in the same store as the Easter bunny. She looks pretty calm and cool about it!

  4. Such a big change in a year!! I love the bunny pictures. I don't know why - I never took those growing up, so I never thought about doing it with Olivia.

  5. She's definitely mastered the toothless smile!


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