Friday, April 10, 2015


 I have a random mix of things to share with you today...
like a photo of my very favorite Easter candies and lots more confessions :)
// 1 // I wish that Target would having a flashing light announcing when they are restocking their shelves so I could make sure to AVOID going during that time.  It's so hard to navigate the aisles, get the things you need off the shelves and work around the employees.  It's annoying when the employees act like me and my cart are in their way.  Why don't they stock before or after opening??  I'd love to never shop during this time again.

// 2 // I have decided that Olive Garden take out is infinitely better than actually eating at the restaurant.  They send you home with TONS of salad and bread sticks and your meal comes in dishes that are perfect to save for leftovers.  We may never eat in restaurant again - especially since ours seems to have quit giving out Andes mints with their meals.

// 3 // We have several take charge kind of older ladies on our street and one young guy neighbor who is disinterested in the appearance of his home.  The ladies send him letters "encouraging" him to get his act together several times throughout the year.  Sometimes he responds and other times he goes out of town on business for extended periods of times.  Last week, the ladies paid their lawn guy to do an overhaul on his yard while he was gone.  I think it's sweet that they care, his yard looks a million times better, but, I do feel bad that he's neglecting his place and is just expecting them to work on it.  He's been in hiding for a few weeks now so I think he may be a bit embarrassed.

// 4 // I was in a hurry to get to an appointment and was rushing to do too much too quick.  I had Olive & Bun-Bun in my arms, diaper bag on, keys in hand and was trying to get out my stroller from the back of my car.  I position it so that I can get it out with one hand and give myself a one, two, three count to yank it out.  I pulled and whacked Olive right in the head as I was setting it down.  It had to have hurt and she looked at me like I was a crazy woman.  Then she held her head and said OUCH.  Whoops.  Thankfully, we are still in the kisses make everything better phase of life.  Next time I'll get the stroller out first and then get Olive out of her car seat.

// 5 // I am not much of a flip flop wearer.  I don't care for how they look and think they are best left to trips to the pool or the beach.  I don't find them to be that comfortable or that cute for me (unless they are tiny ones for kids with the heel strap on them).  I do love a great pair of sandals, flats or boat shoes so I'll be updating my summer shoes more in that direction.

// 6 // I loved watching Jessa Duggar's wedding to Ben last week.  It was so sweet and she looked really beautiful.  I started giggling during the ceremony because the preacher kept calling Ben "Bengerman" instead of Benjamin.  Did anyone else hear that??

// 7 // Olive and I were at Kroger earlier this week doing some shopping.  I always put her in the cart with the cart cover covering anything she could possibly touch.  I try to keep her from licking the handles and wash her hands when we get home.  We were in the check out lane, I'd put our groceries on the belt and was talking to the cashier.  Usually Olive visits with the bagger and I get my coupons ready to hand to the cashier.  This day I was a little distracted and was digging for my wallet.  I look up when the cashier is saying, "Ma'am Yo Baby is LICKING the counter!  That's nasty!!"  Yes, much to my horror, Olive had pulled herself over to the counter where you swipe your credit card.  She was CHEWING on the rubber edge of the counter!!!!!!!  I gagged and pulled her away.  She thought the whole thing was hilarious and thwarted my germ saving efforts in one fail LICK.  So much for trying to keep the germs away from my little teething monster :)

// 8 // My husband frequently sings the chorus of the song Why You Gotta Be So Rude that goes "Marry that girl, marry her anyway ..." well, I don't listen to the radio very regularly and I thought he made up this catchy little tune.  He has a habit of making up silly songs so I figured that was the case until I was in the car and heard HIS song on the radio.  I told him I'd given him the song writing credits on that one and he thought I was a weirdo for not knowing this popular song.

// 9 // I went to the bank to withdrawal some cash for the weekend.  The lady gave me a slip to fill out and no pen.  I quickly searched around my car and found a pink pen.  She watched me fill it out and then I sent it back to her.  She asked for my license and then said "Ma'am.  Next time please ask for a blue or black pen" and acted like I was a moron.  Well, I'd be happy to use a blue or black pen if you provide one next time.  Sheesh.

// 10 // We were driving home from dinner when we got behind this really slow car.  Kevin has no patience for that so he changed lanes to go around them.  We got stopped at a light right next to them so I looked over to check out these slow pokes.  It was this DARLING old couple who were eating matching double scoop cones of Baskin-Robbins ice cream.  They'd gone out on a little date night and were taking a drive.  It was the cutest thing ever!  I told Kevin he could have honked, scared them into dropping their cones and totally ruined their sweet night!  I hope we're that old couple one day :)

// 11 // We were out to dinner this week at our favorite mexican spot.  A man walked in with a broken nose and he was all bandaged up.  They seated him right by us.  Olive looked over and said NOSE!  She kept pointing to her nose and pointing over at him.  She said NOSE a million times despite me trying to redirect her attention to chips and salsa.  I hope the loud restaurant noise drowned out her curious nose comments.

// 12 // We got the book Only God Can Make a Kitten by Rhonda Gowler Greene in the mail this week.  It's a sweet book about God with rhyming phrases, great illustrations and lots of things to talk about on each page.  The story is set up in a question and answer format with great descriptive dialogue.  The little boy is asking his mama questions about everything around him and she always answers that only God can make the things her son is asking about.  It is a perfect example of an every day conversation with a very inquisitive kid and all children would enjoy reading it.  I'd highly recommend adding it to your library.
*Topher was a huge fan of this book and felt like he'd make an excellent cat model one day :)
**this book was gifted to me in exchange for an honest review

Any confessions you'd like to share with me today?


  1. Our Olive Garden stopped giving out mints too.. BOO!!! I think they still have them they just don't pass them out because our last trip there we saw one on the floor and I thought Tyler was going to nose dive for it.. :)

  2. If they don't give out Andes mints, can they even call themselves Olive Garden? And I loved Ben and Jessa's wedding. The vows he wrote were so beautiful.

  3. What is the deal with the mints??? I have had the issue with Jack chewing on the cart and then the cashier being rude about it. Ugh sorry, I am busy, yeah I know it's nasty, but please don't belittle me. I'm doing the best I can. I had to give up on the cover because it was too much work with a very busy Jack. Luckily for me, I don't have to take Jack to the store very often. Have a great weekend!!!

  4. I think it was really sweet of those older ladies to clean up that guys property - it may have overstepped a boundary, but even so, I'm sure everyone else in the neighborhood appreciates it! Maybe he'll keep his property a tad neater from now on. And girl, I am with you on the re-stocking thing. Happens to me at Kroger all the time. Some people are really nice and move over to let me get what I need, and some people just ignore me and act like I'm not even there - which is such poor customer service!


    Yeah, what gives with the Andes?!

  6. I noticed he called him Benjerman too! Drove me crazy, but her wedding was so amazing! Very beautiful I wonder who's next?!?!

  7. I haven't seen Jessa's wedding yet but I watched the episode where she was picking out her dress and I love it, she looked like a Disney princess!

    And it is so annoying when I'm shopping anywhere when they're stocking, but you're right it seems like that happens at Target all the time. You should patent a flashing light letting people know when they're restocking and to come back lol.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I gagged just reading your story about Olive and the counter chewing incident. I'm such a germ freak I can't imagine how I'd handle that. Ha!

    Topher looks so cute with the book! He's a smart kitty!

  9. I just love your blog! I am long-past my child's toddler days, which is why I enjoy reading about yours so much. Loved the pink pen at the bank story, too. - laughed out loud!

  10. 1. YES. Drives me nuts. 2. Now I want Olive Garden takeout. 4. I laughed out loud. Poor Olive. But I can just picture her little face that she gave you and her sweet 'ouch.' 7. Why do they do that? I used to always hold Olivia in Dr offices so she wouldn't touch the floor, but now she's too squirmy to keep contained. She flung herself on the floor. I couldn't get her up fast enough and she did it again. I said "you are going to get sick!" And guess who got a stomach bug two days later? Olivia! And two days after that? (mama...)


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