Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Patio Scum

We have a darling little patio in our backyard,
but I noticed that it was looking a little scummy recently.

I wasn't sure what to do about it so I consulted my parents.
I asked them about pressure washing it or some type of cleaner.
My mom suggested white vineager 
and my dad suggested Kaboom cleaner, water and a metal scrubbing brush.

Dad won because he was willing to do the dirty work.
He bought some Kaboom mold & mildew spray,
a wire brush with a long broom like handle for $8 at Lowes
and water.

He sprayed the cleaner on the grime, let it sit and then scrubbed.
He ran out of cleaner to do the whole patio, but it looks much better than it did before!

Lots of scum and grime on the brick and the concrete

Grime free brick was the biggest change and the marks on the patio will hopefully be covered up by a cute table or some potted plants soon :)



  1. Oh that brick does look a lot better! I can't see any grim left on it. My mom swears by vinegar on just about everything.

  2. Looks so much better, we need to power wash the casa soon to get some yucky stuff off too!


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