Friday, April 24, 2015

Yard Tour 2015

I mentioned earlier in the week that my mother in law was coming into town to help me do a yard overhaul.  She knows a lot about plants and flowers so she was eager to help.  We spent 3.5 days working on it - shopping, planning, placing, digging, watering, etc.  It was a ton of work and we went to bed exhausted most days.  She did a lot of the work, but I tried to help as much as possible while watching Olive. 

The backyard is super green and looking lovely.  We mixed annuals and perennials and are really happy with the end result.  I went into this overhaul knowing the names of only a few basic flowers.  I got a full flower education in just a few days.  We shopped at Lowes and Callaway Gardens in Jackson.  The employees at Callaways could answer every question we had and gave us tons of tips for taking care of our plants.  The employees at Lowes did not know much about the plants with the exception of one day.  So we gathered things we loved and then got busy.

The patio:
We potted Hibiscus, Geraniums, Vinca and Salvia on the patio.
My MIL also thought that Olive needed a chair of her own
so this iron rocker came home with us :)

 Bird Bath flower bed:
We planted Dianthus around the bird bath in three different colors,
We planted a row of bright purple Petunias,
three small pink Hydrangea bushes,
Lantana and Violas.
We also brought in tons of top soil to turn this area into a plantable spot.
The herbs and veggies are in boxes along the patios.

The fence flower bed:
The previous home owner had already put in tons of top soil in this raised bed so we weeded and just started planting.  The white Clematis was already there and we added two red Mandevillas and one pink Dipladenia on the end.  I transplanted all of the Iris' to one end instead of scattered throughout.

We planted the following in front of the potted plants
trying to achieve high, medium and low flowers:
Snow Cone Candytuft
Pink and Yellow Lantana
Pink Pentas
Yellow Purslane
Pink and Red Celosia

The back of the yard: Lots of shade loving plants
Two different varieties of Hosta, Wood Sorrel, Begonias and pots of Impatiens. 

We planted some light pink double impatiens out front.

 I'm SO HAPPY with how everything turned out!! 
We got six bags of mulch for the backyard beds and left pine straw in the front. 
Everything looks lovely and our Secret Garden turned out great :)


  1. How pretty! I love it!!! It reminds me of a little English garden, and looks like the absolute perfect spot for Olive to play. Hopefully you have a green thumb, and can keep all of those lovely flowers alive. As much as I'd love to have a yard full of flowers like that, I know that I would end up killing them all off:( Happy Friday, Whitney!

  2. Oh it looks so wonderful! It really brightens up the backyard.

  3. Wow! It really does look like the secret garden! It will only get prettier as the years go by. And to quote from my favorite version of The Secret Garden (the one with Colin Firth), "Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow." <3

  4. This looks amazing! I'm a bad gardener. I have no idea what plants would work, how deep to dig, etc. But I can appreciate a pretty garden when it's all done! :) And this looks so pretty. And that sweet little rocker - how cute!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. It looks so good, I love what y'all did along the fence! Hope y'all have a great weekend and enjoy your pretty backyard!

  6. So beautiful!!! I love the flowers along the fence!!

  7. This looks so good! You guys did a ton of work! I love the potted vines along the fence. We can't keep many flowers in the back yard since the dog tramples them, but we could do this.

  8. Looks great! Hopefully one day I'll have a green thumb. :)


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