Thursday, April 30, 2015

Derby Days

Did you know The Kentucky Derby is on Saturday?
I have always enjoyed the events surrounding the Derby.  
I've never been, but I love the hats, the fancy drinks and the traditions.

Since we aren't making a trip to The Derby this year,
we will be enjoying some Derby Pie and a Blush Lily to drink
while we watch some Derby coverage on TV.
 My husband is the drink maker at our house and I like my drinks heavy on the fruity side :)  The Mint Julep is the traditional Derby drink, but we went in a different direction.  Churchill Downs serves 120.000 mint juleps and 40,000 Oaks Lily cocktails on race day.  We found this Blush Lily recipe in our latest Southern Living magazine and made a few changes for our preferences.  The Blush Lily is a different spin on the traditional Oaks Lily cocktail served at the race.  

Our Blush Lily was delicious so I thought I'd share the recipe with you.

Blush Lily Recipe
Fill a cocotail shaker with crushed ice,
add 6 T cranberry juice
3 T vodka
2 T fresh lime juice
1 T Triple Sec
1 T sugar

This recipe makes 1-2 drinks so feel free to multiply the recipe

I'm also going to make a Derby Pie for us to enjoy this weekend.

If I were going to The Derby,
I'd wear a hat like this one:

Do you do anything fun for Derby weekend?
Happy Derby Weekend to you :)


  1. We're actually going to a baseball game because I totally forgot the Derby was this weekend. Whoops. But we're on mountain time, so we should be able to watch it beforehand.

  2. We usually try to watch it, but that's about it. Trey jokingly said last year we should go one year so I can wear my big straw mowing hat. But I said I couldn't handle being dressed up all day. HAHA I'm not too crazy on the fruity drinks either.


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