Monday, April 13, 2015

DIY Coat Rack & Start of a Gallery Wall

I've mentioned before that my house does not have a coat closet.  Living in the deep South probably doesn't warrant a coat closet, but I'd still like to have somewhere to put our shoes, bags and coats when we take them off.  I feel like my house would be perfect if it had one so I had to come up with an alternate option.

I found a blue metal shelf at TJ Maxx for $15 and it was perfect - sturdy, 5 hooks and a shelf wide enough for a basket.  My Dad didn't think it was anything special, but I knew it would be perfect to make a little coat closet area in our entryway.

 I laid everything out and then my mom and I showed my dad where to hang them.  I'm not the best at measuring things so it was fun to see my dad doing things the right way.  He found studs to screw the shelf into and now it's sturdy enough to hold a ton of things.  I jokingly asked if I could do pull ups on it and he rolled his eyes :)  I was just trying to compliment his sturdy shelf hanging skills - haha.

I'd love to add a few more items to this gallery wall,
but want to make sure to collect things that I love and not just buy stuff to fill my walls with.

Ta Daaaaaa!
My coat closet problem is fixed.

I'm still on the hunt for perfect baskets for this area.
I've purchased a few different options and didn't love any of them so I'm currently keeping my eyes peeled for some great STRIPED baskets for the shelves.

And that's a wrap on the projects my parents helped us with this time.
Aren't they wonderful??


  1. So cute! I just about finished our gallery wall and I am even going to post about it tomorrow. They are so much fun and definitely take a bit of time. You have a great start!

  2. This worked out perfectly! I just love TJ Maxx!!! Once again, your dad for the win! Some cute baskets would look great there. I'm sure you will find something perfect soon.

  3. So cute! I went to the E-ville TJ Maxx and wasn't impressed with the home décor selection they had..guess all of my décor ideas aren't in at the moment! LOL

  4. This looks SO nice!! Entryways are always so hard. I'm currently scratching my head of this too. ;) I love the "you are my sunshine" pennant - do you remember where you found it?

  5. What an inspiring little project! I have the same problem in my entryway (with no coat closet) but now know a direction to go. I love all the bright colors you used, it's so welcoming and perfect for a front entryway! And you are right, some striped baskets will really pop. I'm off to go shopping now!

    Traci Mcdaniel @ Carolina Material Handling


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