Monday, April 13, 2015


I have a few questions that have been swirling around in my head.
Do you have any answers for me??

1. At what age do you give a kid a pillow for their bed?
Olive loves snuggling on our pillows 
so I was curious about the appropriate time to get her one of her own.

2. Why doesn't the post office have a drive through window?
Wouldn't that be so nice to not have to stand in line forever trying to keep track of your kiddos while waiting to be helped.  I'd happily wait in a drive through lane with Olive strapped safely in her car seat.

3. What is the best time of year to plant herbs?

4. Do you have a favorite hair product to fight off the frizz??
I've used all of the frizz ease products and they are fine, but not amazing.  I have though about trying Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Creme, but would love to hear your favorites. 

5. My nails have never been long.  Even when I was pregnant and taking prenatal vitamins they were just slightly longer than usual.  Do you have any nail secrets to share with me on how to get my nails to be stronger and grow?  They tend to be brittle, break easily or peel.  I am currently taking a multi vitamin and rarely polish them.

6. I'm starting to think of ideas for gifts for Olive's birthday and I really want to focus on outdoor toys for her.  She's got a fun assortment of indoor toys, but I think we could definitely find some great things for her to play with outside.  What are your favorite outdoor toys for kids?  Any great recommendations for me?

7. At what age do you start swim lessons with kids?

8. What's your best remedy for keeping mosquitoes away?  I'd love to hear your favorite sprays, candles or contraptions for this sort of thing.  I even saw a plant that claimed to be a mosquito repellent at a local nursery this weekend.  Please share because mosquito season is right around the corner.

Thank you for your help!!


  1. I'm no expert, but here are some of my thoughts!
    5 - Keep polish on them. Even if it's just clear. I have long, strong nails and I usually keep polish on them. If I go a stretch without it, they all start to break.
    6 - A water/sand table. We got one for my daughter's first birthday and she loves it. Especially the sand side.
    7 - I contacted a local pool and they take kids at any age. We thought about doing it last winter (6 months) but I personally decided that we should wait until she could walk. We could've done it last fall, but I wanted to wait until closer to summer so she'd have more pool time and she/we wouldn't forget what was taught. We plan on taking her this spring (21 months).

  2. I ordered the Clevamama toddler pillow for my daughter right after she turned two. She loved the pillow then and still loves it now and she just turned three.

  3. Frizzy hair remedy that I like: John Freida Frizz-Ease. It says it's for curly hair, but I have mostly straight hair and it works! It's also a great aide in straightening!

    Pillow: now! :)

    Nails: take biotin supplement and rub Vitamin E oil into nails and cuticles.

    Swim Lessons: you can start any time. I say the earlier the better!

  4. #2 is a genius thought! Do any government services have drive thru windows? I would vote for a PO drive thru!

  5. Jack started using a pillow at 2. He loves loves loves his pillow. Like Karyn above, I use John Freida Frizz-Ease. I'm still going to have frizzy hair but it does tame it more than other products. I also love the smell.

  6. #1- One of my boys did use a pillow and a stuffed animal to build a step to escape his crib. We moved him to a bed after that so it wasn't a big deal. I would feel comfortable giving someone Olive's age/size a pillow.
    #2- I would love that too! What a great idea!
    #6- I love the previous idea of the water/sand table. We had a water table and it got a lot of use, although we had to change a lot of clothes. We had a Step2 Roller Coaster in our backyard at our last house. It wasn't the most attractive decor but it got used a lot too.
    #7- My daughter just turned two and she is in parent/child lessons. I don't know if she is getting anything out of it but I am since I don't know how to teach swimming. Plus we both think it's fun.
    #8- My mother swears by rubbing dryer sheets on her to keep mosquitoes away. I think she is slightly crazy but I also think it might work. If you find a good candle, let me know! I'd be more interested in that :)

  7. The plants do help repel mosquitoes.

  8. 1 - I started pillows at a year :)
    2 - Man, am I with you on that one!!!!
    6 - Do you have a wagon? Mine love chalk and sand (buckets and all). Of course a play house!
    7 - My daughter was 10 months when she learned to swim, yes it sounds crazy! But she could do it. My son well...he's 2 and this summer is the summer!
    8 - When you find out let me know lol! I feel like I've done it all from taking extra B vitamins to planting certain plants to burning candles like a mad woman....nothing has worked.

  9. I love these questions!!

    1. I sewed Paisley a small pillow when he was a 1yr old. Then when he turned 2 I bought him a regular sized one. With Lila I skipped on sewing a small one and plan on getting her a regular size the next time I go to Bed, Bath & Beyond.

    2. I always think how much a drive thru grocery store would be! Sometimes I just need a gallon of milk but dragging 2 kids out in the rain for it doesn't seem worth it!

    5. I have thin nails myself, but the ever popular Jamberrys have actually helped me grow them longer! It might just be because they are too expensive for me to chew off, so I keep them away from my mouth. :) Or maybe the sheet makes them stronger? I don't know.

    6. Check out this swing.

    7. I've had the kids in the pool every summer they've been born. I had Paisley in swim lessons at 2, but I didn't see much improvement. I'll put him back in lessons this summer.

  10. We got Havah a sand/water table when she turned two, and kids loved it. We finally got rid of it just a year or two ago :p

    We saw a neighbor fogging his yard for mosquitoes last summer. I think we will either look into that or pay someone to come do it. Otherwise it's miserable! Havah had dozens of bites last year :{

    I'm with you about the PO! I just came from there and the line had 26 people in it! CRAZY.

  11. I think my boys started at around 2 with a pillow. One of those things where it's up to you girl! We had a post office that had a drive thru and it closed! I hate going to the post office- such a needed thing for drive thru! On the herbs, I am in SC so I have pretty good luck with cold weather herbs early in spring. We grew lettuce in a pot most of the winter once. For frizz I seriously need that because am already frizzy mess in the humidity! I saw the cutest idea for a water table for kids on pinterest- I'll send you it! And you must live in the south of you are talking frizz and Mosquitos! We have the worst time with the bugs- trying purification oil this year to see if works!

  12. Herbs are pretty easy in the Deep South, especially if you want to start them indoors. I love Southern Living's gardening section. They always have tons of tips and a planting zone guide.

  13. Just stalking your responses, because I've had similar thoughts! Does Olive have a little outdoor play house? I loved mine growing up. I saw a really adorable one at Costco last week that folds flat for storing! And we were just at the Post Office today (and struggled) and I grumbled about a drive through the whole way home.

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  14. 8- Listerine in a spray bottle..then spray around the area where you'll be outside

  15. I only have help with a few.
    4. I love moroccan oil with wet hair - it dries it in half the time. Then bed head when dry.
    6. Olivia also loves her slide. You can get just a fold up slide at target.
    7. Any age - the earlier they get used to the water the better.
    8. A screened in porch. No really - I'm reading the comments because nothing else has worked.


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