Thursday, April 9, 2015

DIY Shelves & Lighting

We made another trip to Lowes while my parents were here.  My dad wanted to insulate the door for our heating and air conditioning unit better so he scoped out the styrofoam.  I just helped him measure, draw straight lines and he did the cutting so it would fit in the car.  Then he attached it to our door.  It's quieter and better insulated now.

Olive was fascinated watching her Papaw work.  
She was eager to grab his tools and see what he was doing.  Here she's helping him measure, check out the baby gate supplies and we were keeping her away from the wet paint.

 The light fixture in our laundry room was old, rusty and the glass globe was missing.  It was dark in the space and my dad said it wasn't that hard to put in a new light.  He took down the old one, did some measuring and ended up putting in an addition board to secure things.  I can only take credit for picking out the bright light and Olive can take credit for watching closely.
 It's really nice to have a new, BRIGHT light in this space.
I smile every time I turn it on.

 I also found this iron bird hooks for my aprons.
My dad hung them for me and now my aprons are easily accessible.

 We looked at the garage shelving Lowes had to offer.  I had my eye on a metal shelf that looked really sturdy, but my dad reminded me that it would be a rusty mess in no time with the humidity here.  So we moved down to the plastic shelving section and found this black 5 shelf option for $40.  It looked sturdy and was perfect.  My dad quickly assembled it and then attached it to the wall so we didn't have to worry about it falling.  I can take no credit for this project - the girls went shopping and left Dad home to get some projects done :)

I couldn't wait to fill the shelves!
It's so nice to have more floor space for Olive to park her cars :)


  1. Your dad sounds like my dad. I bet it filled your dad's heart to do these projects for y'all. Dad's are the best!

  2. Isn't it the greatest thing in the world when your daddy helps out his little girl? :)

  3. I just love seeing these things! Your parents are the best!! And, your house looks so great!

  4. Isn't it amazing how much the little updates can go a long way in making you feel better about your house?! Your dad did an awesome job.

  5. Dads are the best. Everything is lookin good!

  6. Love your apron collection! I have several and love rotating through them. How sweet of your dad to get all that stuff done for you! Everything looks great!


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