Friday, May 1, 2015

The Highlights

We had a nice week full of surprise breakfast dates, less tantrum throwing from the toddler of the house, several evening walks and some delicious food.  The best parts of my week were...

1. I've been on the hunt for a tulle/midi skirt for months and I found the prettiest blush pink skirt at GAP outlet this week.  Think of it as a tamed tutu with the same charm of a flowy layered skirt.  It's lovely and I can't wait to wear it.  Wouldn't it be cute with a chambray top, a jean jacket, a mint lace top??  I combined several deals (clearance sale + 15% off receipt code + $10 GAP bucks) and ended up just paying $5!!  I can't find it anywhere on-line, but check your outlet stores.

2. Olive loves to read books.  We go through stacks and stacks of books all day long.  Yesterday, I spied her pretend reading for the first time.  She's been flipping through books for a while, but this was different.  She was retelling her Goodnight Daniel Tiger book.  She'd point out characters and then told each one goodnight on the appropriate page :)  It made this teacher Mama so proud.
3. The Kentucky Derby is this weekend.
I'll be enjoying this Blush Lily and eating some Derby pie
while picking a horse with the best name to win it all.

4.  Olive's birthday party is in just a few weeks so I was excited to mail out her invitations.  I made them myself this year and found the PERFECT stamps for them.  Can't wait to share more about her Some Bunny is Turning TWO party :)

5. We had French Toast Dippers for breakfast twice this week.
They were delicious and really easy to make.  You can find my recipe here.

Looking forward to the weekend.  It's supposed to be just perfect weather in Mississippi so we're going to work in the yard, eat yummy food and just enjoy being together.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. 


  1. That picture of her reading is adorable! That drink & the french toast look so good. French toast is one of my favorite breakfast foods.

  2. Love that skirt and you got it at such a steal!

  3. OMG that picture of Olive reading is beyond the most adorable thing I've seen. She's so cute! And that skirt is on point! :)

  4. That picture of her reading is so cute. I so know what you mean when the teacher in you smiled. I feel like I haven't lost my touch at teaching when my sweet boy does something that I have taught him, or that he learned from watching me. :)

  5. Olive is such a cute name (for an even cuter little girl!). And those french toast dippers look soooo good.

  6. that pic of her reading...melts my heart. we work hard to encourage kayla to read and she loves books! keep it up; book lovers are awesome ;)

  7. How was the Derby pie? I wanted to make one but didn't have any walnuts! Derby weekend is fun anyway, I love seeing what everyone wears!

  8. The pretend reading - so sweet!!! And that skirt! You found one! And here I went purging my closet thinking I didn't need more clothes. Now I want to bolt to my outlet and see if they have it. It's so pretty! Can't wait to see how you'll style it. Chambray shirt or a polka dot top???

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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