Monday, November 24, 2014


We had a great weekend at our house.
The weather was nice, the mood was happy and the company was great.

We played outside and made a bonfire.  This meant I got to have my first s'mores of the season and dessert is always a highlight for me.  We also ate yummy dinners, Olive slept in until 9:00am on Saturday which was an amazing since she's usually up at 7 and we watched our beloved Notre Dame find a way to lose once again.  At least the season is wrapping up and we can remember how fun the first part of starting out 6-0 was.

Olive's WINTER coat, hat and gloves arrived
so we are ready for any weather!
It wasn't cold enough to wear them, but it sure was fun to try them on.

Kevin was in charge of building the fire and for teaching Olive about fire safety.  I'd been wanting a fire pit so he got one for me for my birthday.  Olive wasn't so sure about the fire, but she loved climbing up and down into the chair.
 I ate a few s'mores.

 Our back porch was full of leaves so I knew I wanted to tidy up a bit before the rain came.  Sweeping leaves is actually pretty entertaining for toddlers so we swept for a while.  It was messy and took twice as long, but Olive thought it was the best game.  Maybe Santa should bring her a tiny broom??

 We played and enjoyed our backyard.
Swinging is Olive's happy place.
That and steering her pretend ship atop her slide tower.
She shouts gibberish and steers the day away
then counts ONE, TWO and slides down the slide.

We got a lot of rain on Sunday.  It paused just long enough for us to go to and from church and then we hurried home to watch it rain again.
Hope you had a great weekend!!

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  1. What a lovely weekend! I'm so glad you got a fire pit :) I've found myself watching for sales so I could tell you if I saw a good price! Ha! Now you've got me inspired to get one too!

  2. Stopping by from the link up. It looks like you had a great fall weekend. Olive is adorable and I just love that pink hat on her. Santa definitely needs to bring her a broom. Thank you for sharing her cuteness!!!

  3. So cute! My niece has that slide & she loved it! Well still does, but only gets to use it outside. When she was younger they had it in their basement and she flew down the slide! S'mores sound yummy!

  4. Your little girl is soooo cute! Thanks for linking up with me today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. How sweet that you had a little leaf helper - Olive is so cute!

  6. Fun times! I want to get Paul a fire pit for Christmas...if you have any tips on finding a good one I'd love to hear them. Olive looks so cute in that knit hat!


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