Saturday, November 1, 2014

Celebrating Halloween

We had a nice Halloween at our house.
It was low key and sweet.
The perfect way to celebrate the day :)

I had visions of making orange food and pumpkin shaped treats,
but I decided that Olive was too little to care.
She was more than thrilled with her grilled cheese, fruits and her usual favorites.

We stayed home all day and watched a few Halloween things on TV, read her Halloween books and practiced trick or treating in preparation for Olive's first attempt at it.

She LOVED playing with all the candy.
She'd grab it from me and fill her pumpkin
being sure to stuff some in her mouth.
She loved chewing on the crinkly wrappers.

We decided to go and visit a few of our neighbors to try out her costume.  The weather has FINALLY turned cold in Mississippi so while most people were complaining we were loving the chilly weather.  The neighbor ladies were thrilled to see Olive and I think the feeling was mutual.  Olive seemed to love her costume.  She left her hat on, it was warm and so soft.  I think she thought she was wearing a blanket because several of her blankets have the same minky fabric on them.

She opened cards & a gift from Maybelle.

Then we went to a Halloween party with some new church friends.
 Olive got to see some of her little friends and loved watching the big kids.  She was really interested in the bonfire and was in heaven with the glow stick bracelet she got to wear.  We ate some great treats, visited with people and played until it got dark.  Our friends live on THE perfect street for trick-or-treating.  People decorate their homes, play Halloween music and are eagerly waiting at their door for groups of kiddos.

We decided to take Olive to a few houses and see what she thought.  We carried her because it was so dark that we didn't want her to trip.  She liked going house to house and would confidently reach into the bowl of candy when it was her turn.  She wanted to hold each piece of candy and dig through her pumpkin as we walked from house to house.  We made it to a handful of houses and then she started rubbing her eyes and yawning at 7:00.  We called it quits and decided to head home.  

Olive sorted through her candy and seemed to be counting them.  It was a fun game.  She sampled some whoppers because she chewed through the wrapper and that was plenty of candy for her.   She carried her pumpkin all over the house, would put it on her shoulder and say BYE to us.

We put her to bed, made a pizza and then watched a scary movie.
It was a Happy Halloween at our house!!

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  1. What a cutie-pie!!
    Thanks for linking up at the hobnob..

  2. What fun! She looks like such a big girl with her pumpkin on her arm! :) What scary movie did you guys watch? I've been in the mood for something scary (totally unlike me!). ;-)

  3. awww.... the cutest costume!!! She is quite the little lady!!XO sarita it's my girls' world


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