Monday, November 10, 2014

Battling the Germs

Cooler weather has just barely arrived in Mississippi and every single one of the Jordans ended up with a week long cold.  Olive was the first and she so graciously shared with her loving parents.  We stayed home most of the week - being sure to avoid friends, the nursery and our usual hot spots.  We did leave the house a few times and were mostly feeling better by the end of the week.  Everyone except for the man of the house.  He clearly had a more severe cold than the girls and it was much more difficult for him to recover or so he says :)

We spent DAYS in our pjs, snuggling under blankets and hanging out.

Here's the proof:
Hey, Mom!  Let's see how close I can get.
 Why's your nose all red??

 Jewelry always makes girls feel better.
 Jewelry and Cheerios.

 What does an ear infection feel like?
I think I have one.
She did not - thankfully :)
 All that sneezing must mean you need a tissue.
 Let me HELP you... she says.

 She emptied every kleenex box she could get her hands on
and then shredded them.

One perk of being sick:
LOTS of snuggles

 Trying to sleep it off...

Olive and I both decided that mini M&Ms definitely cure colds.

We wash our hands often and always wash them when we return from being out and about.  I use a cart cover when we go shopping to keep Olive from ever touching the icky cart.  We use disinfectant wipes on the table/high chair if we go out to eat.  I use wipes on her hands after we leave church to ward off any nursery germs.  We all try to get plenty of sleep.  We also try not to share drinks during cold/flu season.  Lastly, if someone starts feeling bad we try our best to quarantine them right away :)

So I'm wondering...
how do you fight off germs at your house?
Do you stay on offense or defense??
Any great remedies for helping little people to heal quickly?
Any and all tips would be much appreciated
since we are just heading into winter now.


  1. I keep Lysol wipes in both bathrooms, and wipe down all the surfaces every day. At least twice a week I spray the Lysol kitchen cleaner on my counters and kitchen table as well. I also wash my hands when I come in from shopping or being at church! I'm so sorry you all have been "sick in the bed" as they say in North Carolina...but I have to say there's nothing cuter than footie pj's! Olive is rocking those polka dots! :)

  2. My daughter (now 6) has worn nothing but Carter's footed fleece pj's through every cold NY winter since she was born. I think she even had most of the ones I see pictured here. Aren't they the best??? :)

    Several tips I have: (learned some of these from other moms, but all have been vetted through my own personal experience)

    -spread Vick's Vapor Rub on the bottoms of her feet and then cover for bed (they say 'with socks', but once again, Carter's footed pj's for the win)

    -use a humidifier. I couldn't find a Vick's type liquid I could add to my humidifier, so I added a few slices of fresh lemon to the water. Call me crazy, but it works!

    -multivitamins every day. We both started taking them, and it's cut down on both our sicknesses. I was getting the Airborne gummies for when she had a cold, then I just switched to a children's gummy with extra Vitamin C, etc.


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