Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Flamingo Baby Girl Shower

I got the pleasure of going to a lovely couple's baby shower in June.  

The decor was so pretty and bright.  I figured you'd like to see the flamingos and other party decor up close since it was so neat.  There were tons of patterns, textures and really nice details put into all of the decorations.  Think lanterns, table runners, wrapping paper, straws, flowers, interactive games and delicious treats.  Hope it gives you some ideas for baby girl showers.

Without further adieu...
Baby Shower for Baby Barnette

The guests were asked to bring a book to start a library for baby girl and to bring their gifts UNWRAPPED.  The parents did not open any gifts at the shower.  Each guest tagged their gift as they arrived at the event and then each gift was put on display for everyone to see.  This could be a fun option if you are short on time, have an open house style shower or want to be ecofriendly and save paper.

There was also an activity station for guests to:
1. address thank you note envelopes for the parents to be
 2. stamp their fingerprints on a tree for the baby's nursery

 3. Give advice for the new parents & hang it on a tree
4. We played a few games.  
Match the baby picture to the person, celebrity name game and what's in your purse.

A lovely shower for the parents to be!!

 The tables were really pretty - 
tons of patterns and pretty things to look at from ALL angles!!

Olive was thrilled to receive one of the few baby invitations.  We had a talk and decided she could go if she was on her best behavior.  She agreed and had a great time at her first shower.  We went with my parents and enjoyed ourselves.
 We were thrilled to be in town for their special baby celebration.


  1. That is such a fun looking party! Found you through the Nov Blog Hobnob. :)

  2. I love this theme! It looks like you all had a great time!


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