Friday, November 21, 2014


I have a new bunch of confessions to share with you today...  Enjoy :)

//1// My husband took me out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for my birthday.  We went for dinner and were really looking forward to it.  We went to place our drink order and the server said they were having a two for one margarita special.  Kevin wanted to get one so he was trying to talk me into jumping on the fruity drink bandwagon.  He said, "Come on, Whit.  It's your birthday."  I shot him an evil look because we made a pact to never mention the B word (birthday) at restaurants.  We ordered margaritas, ate our weight in chips and salsa, ate dinner and then the server asked if it really was my birthday.  Kevin tried to back peddle and say that I didn't want anything for my birthday.  He thought he'd taken care of it, but I was skeptical.  Shortly after that conversation, a sombrero the size of texas and a group of singing servers were headed my way.  I played along.  Wore the sombrero and smiled.  Olive was confused.  They set this dessert in front of me and then scooped up a bite to serve me.  I didn't know what else to do so I opened my mouth to take a bite and he smeared the whip cream all over my nose/mouth.  Kevin looked horrified.  I could hardly believe what just happened and gladly accepted a napkin to wipe myself off.  They all walked away and Kevin looked like he wanted to die.  I kind of did, too.  The moral of the story... never say the B word at a mexican restaurant.

//2// I was shopping at Target with Olive and we were checking out the baby puree aisle.  There was a Target employee stocking shelves in the same aisle.  While we were looking around this ladies entire pony tail fell off and was laying on the floor.  I was surprised to see it and she didn't seem to notice.  She turned around to pick up something and then realized her weave was on the floor.  She quickly snatched it up and muttered something under her breath.

//3// I was in the check out line at Wal-Mart and Olive was ready to go home.  She wanted out of the cart, was trying to grab things from the cart and was throwing her head around.  I've mentioned several times that she's had a cold & ear infections lately.  So she sneezes a super sneeze and is a hot mess.  I did not have any kleenexes handy #momfailmoment.  I had to try to hold onto her hands, dig through my bag and do it all quickly so no one would be grossed out.  Lesson learned.  Keep kleenexes in my pocket from now on.

//4// I have just a little more Christmas shopping left to do and then I'm DONE!!  I took full advantage of on-line sales, free shipping and lots of list making to not have any Christmas shopping to do in December.  This is definitely a first for me and I'm thrilled at the prospect of going into December and not having to stress about shopping.  I'm hoping to fill my days with gingerbread house making, cooking baking and decorating.

//5// My cat, Topher, thinks it's quite entertaining to climb up the back of my computer chair and rest his head/paws on my shoulder.  He'll nuzzle my face and meow in my ear.  I never knew cats liked to sit on shoulders.

//6// I made an Oreo cheesecake for my birthday.  I broke the cardinal rule of only using name brand cream cheese and my cheesecake was lumpy.  I was trying to save money and it bombed.  I ended up making a chocolate cake the next day so I could have a birthday dessert do over.  I should have just been boring and made my favorite dessert - chocolate cake.

//7// I have zero Christmas decorations out and won't be putting up any until December.  Some years we've decorated in November (when Thanksgiving is earlier in the month or if we are going to be out of town for Thanksgiving).  We are going to get a live tree and are excited to deck the halls in December.  We'll probably leave them up half way through January, too.

//8// Kevin accidentally took both sets of our car keys with him to work yesterday.  I didn't really need to go anywhere so it wasn't a huge deal.  I figured we could go for a walk and play outside, but then I realized both of our strollers were in the trunk of my car.  I turned to google for some options and gave this one a try.  Called Kevin had him press the unlock button on my car keys and held my phone up to the car to see if it would transmit the signal.  It did not.  Stupid google.

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  1. Hehe I loved reading this! I used to love the whole getting sang to and embarrassed at restaurants when I was younger--but now I HATE it haha At least you had a few margaritas to soften the blow :)


  2. not a mommy fail at all, happens to the best of us

  3. handled the whipped cream incident very graciously! I'm not sure what I would have done!!! Paul and I have a mutual disdain for restaurant birthday celebrations too. Bless your heart!

  4. I cracked up reading this!haha One time my mom took Chauncey's keys home with her, and we didn't realize it until the next morning, when Chauncey needed to go to work. The bad part was that my mom lives 2.5 hours away.


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