Thursday, November 20, 2014

Best of My Birthday Week

I've spent the entire week celebrating my 33rd birthday.  
We have done fun things as a family, gotten take out and I've enjoyed getting to do whatever I want since I was the birthday girl.  It's kind of nice to be queen for the week :)  I got to do some fun shopping, eat yummy desserts and heard from many family and friends.  My 17 month old daughter also said "Love you" to me for the first time which might just be my favorite birthday present EVER. 

The best parts of my week were...

1. I'm getting so excited for Thanksgiving
and definitely have turkeys on the brain.
I shared a chocolate turkey tutorial earlier this week.

2. My blog got a makeover and I LOVE it!!!
It suits me perfectly.

3.  These designer inspired sunglasses from Amazon have gotten a lot of attention lately and I knew I had to give them a try.  They only cost $5.50 a pair, come in black and tortoise shell and come with a little protective case.  I figured they were worth trying because they were such affordable knock offs, on trend and free returns.  
Let me tell you... they are GREAT!  I know they are large, but they fit really well and don't squeeze my head.  Which is saying a lot from someone who has a big head :)  You should check them out!! 

4. We went out for Mexican this week and it was great 
because (one) two for one margaritas, 
(two) Olive figured out how to dip her chips in salsa which was entertaining 
& (three) Our dinner was delicious.

 5. I was getting groceries at Wal-Mart this week and saw these Christmas leggings in the women's section.  They were so cute and festive that I knew I had to buy them.  I'm thinking they'll make great pj pants and lounge wear this holiday season.  They come in sizes S-1X and cost $5.88!!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  1. I may have to purchase those leggings!!! So cute. Happy birthday!!!

  2. 33!!??? There is no way! You look so young, what is your secret? I'm Jealous! And happy belated birthday! And YESSSS to Margaritas 2 for 1!

  3. Those sunglasses look perfect on you...very glam!

  4. Happy birthday week!! Love me some mexican food! (I always fill up on the chips and salsa. Every. Time. haha)

  5. love the new blog look!! ANd mexican & margaritas--- perfection!!

  6. Can't wait for your tutorial! Those chocolate turkeys are so cute!

  7. I LOVE those sunglasses!!! They look fabulous on you! Glad you had such a great birthday!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea


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