Monday, November 17, 2014

Antibiotics & Ear Drops

I've mentioned a time or two that Olive has not been feeling well lately.

It all started a few weeks ago with a runny nose and congestion.  She'd be a little better one day and bad the next.  We were doing Vicks on her feet, keeping her hydrated and doing some over the counter meds as needed.  

We avoided church, Bible study and the nursery
so we could keep the germs at home.
It got kinda lonely around these parts.

Around mid-week last week, she started having fevers.
Nothing super high, but she couldn't shake them.
We were anxious first time parents wondering if/when we should go to the doctor.

I decided to make an appointment with her pediatrician since nothing I was doing was helping.  She got her in right away and I knew I'd chosen the right pediatrician.  Well it was important for me to find someone that it was really easy to make appointments with, who had kids of her own, was a lady and was a great doctor.  

We did the usual weigh ins and she's 25.4lbs now
and had a fever.
I told the doctor about her lack of appetite, cold symptoms and new fevers.

She took a peek at her ears and said
and red/sore looking throat.

Poor girl!!
No wonder she wasn't interested in eating or drinking much.
I would have never known that her ears hurt because she really wasn't that fussy.  She's never had an ear infection so I'm going to have to keep an eye on that in the future. 

We left with prescriptions for meds
and a promise to come back if she didn't improve.

I am glad to say that Olive is doing much better.  
She still has a runny nose, but no more fevers and grumpiness.
She's sleeping better and I'm hoping that we'll recover from this sickness and be healthy for a good while.

Sick Days:
include pjs, blankets, snuggles, snacks and playing.
 Even the cats joined in with the relaxed pace of the last few weeks.
Actually, they snooze their days away most days.

 Where's Olive??  Peek-a-boo

Shoes were very entertaining.
 Homemade popsicles helped with teething and cold symptoms.

 She napped HARD every day...
these pictures crack me up because A. the bed head and B. her faces.

 Pushing the boundaries because she was sick.
Chair climbing is fun so we let her do it.

She'd bring me a blanket and want me to snuggle her.
I felt sad for her, but loved the extra cuddles.

The thing that made her smile the most was
Taylor Swift's Shake it Off... she's got some great dance moves :)

 Oh and we did some frosty play time in the fridge to cool off :)
Anything to keep her from crying was our motto.

Sick babies are exhausting!!
You feel so bad for them and we were fighting colds of our own.
We were all needing to be taken care of.
Thankfully the worst is behind us and we are all on the mend.

I don't feel qualified to be doctor mom, but I'm learning as I go.
I sure hope we can stay healthy for a while.


  1. That poor baby! Hope she feels better soon.

    ps. our hubby's have the same shoes. :-)

  2. Awwwh!! I hope Miss Olive feels better soon!

  3. Awe poor Olive! Sick babys are the worst! Olivia had HFM, then got croup, then a double ear infection, then only one ear got better, so she had to have another antibiotic for the second ear - it was 6 weeks of her being sick. I guess its good for their immune system, but I sure missed my happy baby. Daycare, and the germs. :( Hope Olive feels better soon! We'll be thinking about her!


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