Monday, November 10, 2014

Cousin Christmas

My side of the family is doing a fun
Cousin Christmas
this year.

There are 7 kiddos + one pup that are exchanging gifts this year.

We decided to add my parents dog into the mix to make things even.

 We set a budget together and decided it would be fun to give wish lists for each kid.

 I drew names
and each mom gave me a wish list for their child.

Letters were handwritten and personalized for each child.
Then mailed out the first week of November.
Each child received there letter in plenty of time for our Christmas exchange on December 25th.

 I used sharpies, stamps and glitter pens to make the letters fun.

The letters revealed who they would be shopping for and their wish list.

My favorite part might have been
writing out each child's name on their envelope.

I thought the kids would enjoy some SNOW in their letter.
I also warned the mom's ahead of time that there was SNOW in the forecast!

 I stamped the envelopes in Christmas colors 
and used my favorite washi tape to seal each letter.
I also bought some Christmas stamps to complete the letter.
The cousins are excited to start their shopping!!


  1. These are ADORABLE!! I wish we had enough people in our family to do this. It would make shopping so much easier. Love all the details you put into the letters!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  2. Ok - you are AMAZING! I would like to do this, but we already buy all the cousins gifts. Does this take the place of that, or is it in addition?

  3. I so like it! Thanks for sharing this to us and keep posting.
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  4. You're the coolest aunt ever! How adorable!


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