Sunday, November 16, 2014

Happy 33 to Me!

Today is my 33rd birthday!
Happy Birthday to Meeeeeeeee :)
32 was a good year (new house, new state, new adventures)
and I'm hoping 33 will be even better.

I have been enjoying a fun weekend with my family and Kevin keeps saying "You get whatever you want because you're the birthday girl."  Well if you insist...

Baby Whitney Circa 1982 at my 1st birthday party
Looks like I've always preferred the cake over the icing
and that I've always taken dessert eating very seriously :)

A few other fun birthday facts:
My mom worked all day the day she had me

I was born one month early by emergency c-section

I was a 5lber

My Dad met me & introduced me to several people before my Mom got to see me.

He told everyone my name was Whitney Layne 
because that's what my parents had talked about.

Good thing my mom agreed when she came to.

I was an easy baby.

We would always wake up really early on our birthdays and open gifts before school.  We'd save one to open at night with our cake.

My mom made me chocolate cake with chocolate icing every year for my birthday.  

She'd send me to school with cupcakes topped with a pink number for how old I was turning.

My Mamaw died unexpectedly on my 12 birthday.

We didn't eat out much when I was little so my mom would always make our favorite meal for us.  I'd always choose her lasagna with garlic bread and green beans.

I've always felt like my birthday was a kick off for the holiday season.


  1. Happy birthday, sweet lady!! I enjoy reading your blog and getting to know you so much! I hope the rest of your birthday weekend is fabulous. Hugs!

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday!! Hope you're enjoying a fabulous one! :)

  3. Happy belated birthday!!!


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