Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thanksgiving At Our House

I've slowly been collecting Thanksgiving decorations over the years and am happy to report that I now own some really cute TURKEYS.  Yes, it is possible to find them, you just have to look around.  Pier One was the jackpot for me this year and all of their turkeys are already on clearance.  The gold glittery pumpkin and two big turkeys came from there last week.

I know that many people skip Thanksgiving and go straight to Christmas decor in November.  Not me.  Enjoy the turkeys, my mid-month birthday and be thankful :)  Christmas will go up promptly AFTER Thanksgiving.

A little tour around the house.

 Isn't he a handsome turkey!?!?
His head bobbles and he's really sweet.
 Remember how I mentioned all those nuts, acorns and pine cones would come in handy for my Thanksgiving table scape??  Well they did!
*Check back in later today for details on our Thankful tree!!

 Another sweet turkey and an oversized, glittery acorn.

Some people have guard dogs,
we have guard CATS :)
Happy THANKSgiving!!


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