Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Delicious Crockpot Turkey

I thought I'd share the easiest, most delicious turkey recipe with you again this year!  Last year was my first year to be in charge of the turkey and it was SO GOOD.  If I were cooking this year, I'd definitely make this recipe.  Give it a try!!

I wanted to try to make my own turkey for Thanksgiving this year but did not want to fix a whole turkey.  I was cooking for a small number of people and didn't want to be eating turkey all winter.  Plus, I didn't want to mess with all the yuck that comes with fixing a whole turkey.  I opted for a fresh 6lb turkey breast instead.  My mom often makes these using her crock pot so I was hoping to find a crock pot recipe.

Six Sisters Stuff came through with a recipe for

Here's my version of the recipe:
1 6-9lb thawed turkey breast
1 pk dry onion soup mix
2-3 c water
2 T garlic powder
salt and pepper
1 T parsley
1 T seasoned salt
1 T oregano
1 T basil
*The turkey was not oniony but it was very flavorful so don't let the onion soup mix fool you.

I had a hard time finding this type of turkey in the store.  My mom said that it's usually in the frozen meat section but I found a fresh one with the other fresh meats.  It was around $13.

I salt and peppered it first.
Sprinkled on the rest of the remaining dry ingredients.
 And then added about 3 cups of water.

Let it cook overnight - 8ish hours.
Then I refrigerated it.  We were having it for dinner and it was done in the morning.  I left all of the juice in it and then cleaned the meat off about an hour before dinner.  I saved some of the turkey juice for the gravy and some to pour over the meat.  Ideally, you could just serve the turkey to guests after it had cooked for 8 hours but that just didn't work with my dinner timeline for the day.
 I don't think I'm cut out for cleaning turkeys or anything for that matter because it was gross.  I made it through and ended up with lots of tender turkey.  I very carefully removed all the bones and yuck so that we wouldn't have to worry to much when we were eating it.
 The only perk of doing the turkey myself was getting the wishbone.
 I reheated the turkey in the crock pot and served it like this:
 I also made brown gravy to go with it.
My family loved this recipe and we will definitely be having it again SOON!


  1. Trying this tomorrow for Christmas dinner! Will let you know how it turns out!

  2. Whitney that looks amazing!! I will have to try this. Thank you for linking up with us!!


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