Friday, November 7, 2014

Family {HOPE} To Do List

I love making lists!
Especially lists about FUN things we hope to get to do as a FAMILY one day.
I don't know the timeline,
but we'd love to cross as many things off the list as possible.
Even if it takes the next 30 years :)

Kevin and I worked together to come up with this list.

1. Go on a family Disney Cruise when Olive is old enough to enjoy it.  We love cruises and would actually love to go on any cruise again.  We just think Olive would LOVE a Disney cruise :)

2. Road trip everywhere!!  I hope that Olive continues to be a great traveler as she gets older.  We'd love to Travel to see new places and experience new things together.

3. Drive up to Notre Dame one football Saturday in the Fall, tailgate in the parking lot, leisurely stroll around campus with golden leaves falling around us, ND wins and we have dinner in the dining hall together.

4. Go to the beach every year - any beach will do :)

5. Visit a few of our favorite spots with Olive - San Fransisco, Cozumel, Key West, South Dakota and Park City and go to visit our friends who are now scattered all over the country in their homes - Washington, Utah, Iowa, Michigan, Florida, etc.

6. Regularly host gatherings at our house - football game watching parties, friends, dinners, movie nights and holiday parties would be so much fun.

7. Take the family on a wild west adventure including Jackson Hole, Tetons & Yellowstone.  Throw
in a cute cabin, great weather and some wild life.

8. Stay at my parent's place in Santa Claus, IN in the summer and around Christmas taking advantage of all of the local festivities.

9. Head back out to Utah when Olive gets older to show her where she was born and lived out her first six weeks of life.  We have nine years worth of memories to share with her and lots of friends for her to meet.

10. Visit Washington DC in the Spring for the Apple Blossom Festival and get family pictures taken with the puffy pink trees in the background.

11. Host as many family members and friends as possible in Mississippi.

12. Get to know the state of Mississippi - tour the coast, historic sites, important/fun places and enjoy Southern living.

13. Visit National Parks all over the country together.  We've tried to visit the ones we have lived by so we would like to keep it up.

14. Take a snow skiing trip - My hubby skis, but I never learned when we were in Utah.  So this would require me and Olive taking lessons.  We'd have to go somewhere in Colorado with some pretty tame territory for us to learn, but I think it would be fun to be little snow bunnies.

I know that we'll be perfectly happy and content with whatever fun things come our way over the years.  This list was a lot of fun to dream up and plan for tons of memory making opportunities together.

Lofty dreams that make us smile :)

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  1. Sounds like an awesome list! If you go to ND, make sure you go to the grotto at night! So beautiful!

  2. I love your blog! I started following you because I love your ideas and we both have a baby around the same age! Your little Olive is so darling!!


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